Comic Book Review: Robin Rises: Omega One-Shot

The one-shot Robin Rises: Omega kicks off an all-new event which leaves us hanging on the edge of a cliff as Batman is about to transport himself to Apokolips for a daring rescue mission. The agents of Darkseid have stolen both Damian and Talia al Ghul’s bodies. After a fierce battle, the sinister forces take them back to the tyrant’s hellish home world. Can the Caped Crusader attain Robin and Talia’s bodies from Darkseid and his cronies alone? Will he need the help of his super powered friends to get them back?

Peter J. Tomasi steers the story in a direction all super hero fans will love. He adores big battles as you’ll no doubt notice by the end of the book. However, he still wants some emotional substance found throughout the tale as well. Tomasi wants both tons of vigorous action and complicated character relationships.

Artist Andy Kubert appreciates anytime he can use his talents to add another level to books about Damian Wayne. He’s worked on several major projects featuring the character, most recently for the successful Damian: Son of Batman mini-series. His efforts add a touch of realism and excellence to Robin Rises: Omega.

The one-shot of Robin Rises: Omega is rated “T” for Teens. There’s the usual comic book violence and mild language. One panel features Batman in nothing but his mask. He’s naked, but it doesn’t really show anything except the side of his bare butt. Some adult situations come up, too.

Robin Rises: Omega is a great kick-off to what will no doubt soon be one of my favorite journeys of rescue and heroism It’s packed full of the sort of super powered mayhem Batman fans are becoming accustomed to in the New 52. I, for one, can’t wait until Damian dons his costume again. It might be a long road until we get that visual. As long as the journey keeps moving us in exciting directions I’ll be interested.

The Robin Rises: Omega one-shot is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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