Science Has Determined the 10 Best Super Heroes of All Time

Science students at the University of Leicester have spent seven years studying Marvel and DC comic book superheroes.  The purpose of this surprisingly long study is to determine how well the particular powers and abilities of each hero would work in our real world. After examining every possible element of the characters, the study has established which of them is the most qualified for defeating super villains, fighting crime and saving the world.


The list goes as follows…


(1)    Superman


(2)    Wolverine


(3)    Mystique


(4)    Thor


(5)    The Flash


(6)    Spider-Man


(7)    Batman


(8)    The Lizard


(9)    Iron Man


(10) The Silver Surfer


 This is an interesting and surprising list. While it’s not so surprising that Superman is number one, (who else would be?) it’s more surprising to see Mystique and the Lizard in the top 10. Do they even qualify as heroes? Also, you’d think the Silver Surfer would be higher than people like Spider-Man and Batman? It’s also unexpected that Mystique is the only woman on the list, rather than Wonder Woman.

 For Bat-fans who may be irate that the caped crusader is not in the top 5, the University press release on the study added this…Though his cape proves to be a vital utility when gliding in comic and media depictions, the student-led research suggests that when gliding Batman reaches velocities of around 80km/hr — which could be fatal upon landing. This inability to perform even the simplest of superhero feats suggest Batman would struggle to get off the ground, let alone save Gotham from the likes of The Joker and Bane.”

 Hopefully, this study will resolve the question of who the best super hero is. However, it doesn’t answer a more pressing question…Why are they studying this in college and why are these guys still in the same school for seven years?

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