Everything Is Canon: Amari And The Night Brothers

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author B.B. Alston all about his new book, the excellent middle-grade fantasy Amari and the Night Brothers!

The first book in a trilogy and B.B.’s debut, Amari is described as “…Artemis Fowl meets Men in Black“. And while it does give off some familiar vibes, those stories don’t have B.B.’s unique system of magic which he brilliantly tethers to and intertwines with great narrative concepts, including top-to-bottom stellar character work. The worldbuilding and central cast is so good in fact, that the series has been optioned by Universal Pictures with Don Cheadle producing.

They talk about what inspired him to write this important series and how Amari is going to inspire current and future generations of Black girls, why he stepped away from writing for many years, and how getting the series optioned by Universal Pictures is the greatest thing ever!

To purchase a copy of Amari and the Night Brothers, click HERE!

Everything Is Canon: Amari And The Night Brothers