Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast – Episode IX

It’s another episode of Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast, and The Galactic Senate are talking The Phantom Menace

On this episode of Jackass One, Darth Jah-Cass  and Emperor Rabid discuss the 20th anniversary of Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Plus author of Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Ken Napzok comes on to talk about the book! All this, no LA Calrissian’s Deal With The Empire cause he sent it to late, and more on Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast:

Time Codes

Tales From Around the Galaxy - 0:5:25

A Certain Point Of View, with Ken Napzok - 1:02:38

Jedi Archives, a look back at The Phantom Menace - 1:23:15

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