Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 coming this Fall

So we have Deadpool who is a huge fan boy of Spider-Man and Spider-Man who is annoyed by Deadpool this makes for a perfect team up book. What’s bringing them together, who will be the funniest, how many times will Deadpool make Spidey face palm? Writer Joe Kelly states “I will say that there is an assassination involved, a case of misplaced trust and their names are on the book so they sort of have to show up. Seriously, I’m having a blast writing the banter,” Kelly continued, “It’s your favorite buddy-cop movie on steroids if it was written by a swill-minded teenager.”

Spider Man Deadpool 1 Cover


You can best believe this book will find its way to Picks From the Rack. Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 hits the shelves this Fall.