Star Wars corsets make the galaxy far, far away look sexy

…You’d be about as cool as Lando Calrissian.

Being a Star Wars fan and collector I’m always on the look-out for unique pieces of Licensing.  I stumbled across these today and thought that these are by far the best looking costumes to have ever been released.  The problem now is finding someone who’s willing to wear them.

These corsets are cool and let’s face it, incredibly sexy looking.  I think if Natalie Portman had been wearing these in the Prequels we all would have gone over to the Dark Side.  The first one is based off of the Darth Vader look while the other is more akin to a Stormtrooper outfit.  I guess this means the Rebels just don’t get to wear anything good looking.  Leave it to the bad guys to be the best looking.

The costumes are more than just the corsets as they come with a functional utility belt (which the site claims you can use instead of a purse), and gauntlets that fit nicely over any regular sized dress gloves.  The Galactic Trooper costume also comes with forearm and bicep braces so it completes the look a little more.

If you’re worried about comfort, the corsets aren’t plastic, though they do a good job of looking that way.  The material is actually made out of vinyl.  Both costumes also come with a shoulder shrug to help complete the look with the Vader-esque outfit having a cape attached.

They’re excellent looking costumes, but if you’re thinking of getting this for your next convention outing (or anything else I won’t mention here) you might have to save your pennies.  The Trooper costume comes in at $500 and the Galactic Lord costume hits right at $600.  If those price tags haven’t scared you off you can order them directly from Evening Arwen who custom makes these costumes and corsets.