Sweet Madness A Harley Quinn Fan Film

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So Sweet Madness is a Harley Quinn short and while some would say the character is over exposed I can agree with them on the terms that Harley is a good guy. No I tend to lean towards the Harley that’s a villain, sure she’s likable but at the core she’s kind broken and, key word here, CRAZY! Madeline Wade plays Harley in a way that you will get no complaints from me.  From the look in her eyes, her movements, and voice she nailed it. Now there have been a number of individual takes on the Joker so I’ve gotten to the point I want to see what an actor will do either live or animated. Yes people lean heavily on Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson but too much imitation is just being a hack. Micah Fitzgerald plays what I think the Joker would be when there’s no one around that’s terrified of him. At his core still crazy but the theatrics are not there. Did I emphasize the crazy part? 

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Over all, give this one 11 minutes of your time. It may not be your cup of tea but the love and understanding of the characters while making it your own has to be the high point of this film.

– Jason The X