Razer Unveils Project: Valerie

So let’s imagine a gaming laptop with even more work/gaming space. Well Razer’s Project: Valerie delivers on just that. 


Okay that is three 4k 17.3 inch monitors that expand from a gaming laptop. Forgive my Keanu Reeves moment here, but whoa. Supported by a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU you’re going to have a beautiful display. Now the screen operation is fully automated when extending out and for a guy like me who breaks things manually operated is a good thing.



The laptop is a 1.5 inches thick which isn’t too much considering but it does weigh just less than 12 pounds. Now look for some more information when it becomes available as far as specs. Now yes as a guy that requires high power and visuals for all I do I am definitely interested in this product but I would love to take it for a test spin to see if it fits my needs and actually performs. But as a techy guy I am wowed by how pretty it is. Razer’s booth is on the floor of CES right now and I hate that I’m not there to get my hands on this beautiful piece of equipment.

-Jason The X 

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