The Matrix….Scott Pilgrim style

These are one of the reasons why I love post-production and editing.  Absolutely anything is possible.  Editing is where a film really comes together, regardless of the script, the story can be changed and manipulated.  These fan re-edits are such a great example of this.

I love The Matrix, and this new edit is hilarious!  While Scott Pilgrim has been performing woefully in the box office, it retains a very solid and dedicated fan base.  One fan has taken it upon himself to transform The Matrix and re-cut it to resemble (in some form) Scott Pilgrim‘s first trailer and it’s unique style.

The cuts are perfectly timed to match the fast-paced insanity of Pilgrim, and even more impressive than that, is how they were able to also match the much faster pace of dialogue from the newer film.  It’s not an easy feat and must have taken some serious time, talent, and creativity to pull it off.

Thanks to our friends at Cinemablend for pointing this out