Times Square AMC shuts down due to bedbugs

As of last night, Times Square AMC Empire 25 was shut down due to the overwhelming infestation of bedbugs.

As populated as the region is, it is no surprise that this has developed. One customer claimed while watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that there was an attack by these critters. Complaining to the staff about the problem, the staff was quite aware of the issue at hand. They told the customer it was going to be taken care of next week as a terminator was coming to wipe out the pest, yet they remained open without warning the general public. The General Manager reports not having any knowledge of the matter but that is not surprising (cover up anyone?). They finally were busted and pleading ignorance to a situation is shameless. Another theater potentially remains in jeopardy is the AMC in Harlem.


Of late, there has been a huge predicament when it comes to these bugs and not just in theaters. A news report states that every 1 in 10 NYC residents are suffering from bedbugs inside their place of residency. No hand sanitizer is going to clear up these issues – that’s for sure.

Justin Scott, an AMC spokesperson, addressed the issue, “We have taken aggressive and proactive steps to help ensure our theatres remain free of bed bugs.” Within the next couple weeks, another round of treatment will ensure the vermin have been exterminated.

I wonder how long it will take for people to return back to the AMC theater after they masked the problem for who knows how long. Talk about bad business and losing your reputation. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. Yuck.