Toy Review Tuesday: Transformers Masterpiece MP 29 Shockwave Review

The Transformers Masterpiece line just keeps on rolling. Look I have been damned displeased with the current stuff being released but the Masterpiece line is keeping me sane. I mean look I am an adult collector so these high dollar items harkening back to an era that is aimed directly at my demographic.

So here’s that Decepticon that just got left behind on Cybertron making random guest spots every now and then: ladies and gents here’s Masterpiece Shockwave. It’s very well done considering the number of third party Shockwave figures out there. It’s really great because this line needed some bad guys to fill out the roster.

He’s larger in size and the price point does reflect that. But honestly this is a figure that has all kinds of nostalgia in it. From the translucent plastic bits to the very familiar transformation I really love it. 

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-Jason The X

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