YEAH! Film Streaming For The Modern Movie Nerd – Review

As many of you may(or may not) know, I’m both a film geek and a pop culture trivia nerd. I’m one of those people who can tell you obscure factoids about a film, its production, even down to the rumors of what happened on set during a particular scene. Its why im a fan of AMC Networks ongoing series Story Notes. Now, the network has release a new app for tablets called YEAH!, which takes the experience and allows you, the viewer, the ability to watch these same films at your leisure.

The App:

After a quick install from the apple app store, I launched YEAH!, which presented over 100+ films for viewing. However, at this writing, only 32 films have been configured for Y-DEF, which is an enhanced version of the aformentioned Story Notes. However, it is much more robust with not only facts and trivia, but commentary clips from the director and actors of the films themselves, which is all original content shot exclusively for the app.

The Films:

The available films are from the modern era (1970’s-Present), which is the current core demo for AMC TV. However, for those concerned you may be receiving a TV edit of a film, worry no further as these are the original releases uncut and uncensored. Titles included at this writing ran the gaumt from action to comedy to drama, with a few sci-fi and independent films as well. I am slightly dissapointed there was a lack of classic films available for viewing, as AMC has featured these films on their channel quite often perhaps they will be added to the online catalog in the future.

The Cost:

Like many streaming media based apps, there is cost involved. The good news is most of the film are between $1.99-$3.99 as of this writing while the enhanced films rent for $4.99, both rental types allow you to rent the movie for thirty days, but once viewed allows only a 48 hour window for viewing, similar to other apps on the market. However, the enhanced films do make up for the cost difference in the features mentioned previously.


YEAH! is a definate step forward for film stream/rental applications on mobile devices. While the current library is geared toward more modern films, its refreshing takes on behind the scenes information and favorable price points are enough the recommend this to any modern cinephile.