This Insane Spawn Fan Film Shouldn’t Be Missed

The film is called Spawn: The Recall, and I’m blow away by it!

Believe it or not, but this film was made by one guy by the name Michael Paris. One guy did all the visuals and editing etc… and it came out that friggin awesome. It isn’t just the badass Spawn that appears, but all the Candyland style tripping out and galaxy looking skies, it was all done by one person.

It took Michael Paris two years to create this film, but when you see those visuals it is all worth it. Now imagine putting him behind a talented staff and giving him a budget, my goodness nothing terrible could come of that!

Source : MoviePilot They also do a great outlook on why one bad movie shouldn’t ruin a franchise!

This is extremely true in modern day. Superman had a rather bad movie, yet still made a comeback. Spider-Man 3 wasn’t fantastic, yet Sony still stuck to it. Batman? Don’t even get me started…. and now it’s one of the most profitable franchises out there. Yes, Spawn isn’t as major as these characters, but how hard would it be to change that? Look at how massive The Walking Dead got with a good TV Show!