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Geek Pick of the Week: Fan Jackets

Fan Jackets has recently launched a new line-up of superhero (and gaming/geek) themed hoodies and jackets for fans to enjoy.  Having had the chance to check out one of them, I figured this would be the perfect item to kick off our Geek Pick of the Week feature.  

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Picks From The Rack: Wonder Woman Rebirth, Spider-Man Civil War, and Big Trouble in...

This week's new episode for Picks From the Rack bring a little bit of everything together. Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War #1 introduces our clairvoyant inhuman Ulysses to Peter Parker. Thunderbolts #2 has Bucky making hard decisions while leading his new team including one that may have been a mistake. Daredevil #8 plays out like a spy thriller and man it works well. There's much more we dive into, so come inside and watch! 

Picks From The Rack: The Shadow, Captain America, and more

Let’s take a look at the comics coming out for this week April 20, 2016, including The Shadow, Captain America, Hawkeye.  All this and more in this week's brand new episode of Picks From the Rack!

Picks From The Rack: Captain America, X-Men and Squirrel Girl

I hope you missed it because Picks From The Rack is back.  And if you don’t know what it is it’s that weekly video where I break done spoiler free the comics I’m reading this week.  On our revival episode we're talking X-Men, Captain America, and Squirrel Girl!  

Picks From the Rack: A-Force, Swamp Thing, and Uncanny X-Men

Hey guys it's January 6th and time for this weeks Picks From The Rack, where I'm breaking down the week's comic releases to see what worth picking up from your local store.  Come inside to watch!

Picks From The Rack: Avengers, Inhumans, And Star Wars

Picks from the Rack time my nerds! So this week there were some hits and misses in the ol pull list. First off All New Inhumans #1 is, well it's basically the X-Men but you know, not. I'll probably give it two more issues. Daredevil #1 has a great art look and I was expecting things to start mirroring the Netflix show but it didn't. Midnighter #7 is disappointing. Seriously you put Midnighter against Prometheus and this is all we get. Damn get a new writer. Star Wars #13 is awesome continuing the Vader Down crossover. All New All Different Avengers is gearing up to be a great book as our full team of Avengers is finally assembled. And lastly Invincible Iron Man #4 is a solid book and the characters are very well done. I'm loving that new armor by the way.

Picks From The Rack: Thor, Ms. Marvel, and Darth Vader

Let’s get this comic thing going. So it was a great week for books and let me tell you about them. So Thor #1 gets us back to this telling of Jane Foster as Thor. Considering it was revealed and then Secret Wars started it’s good to be getting back to this. Deadpool #2 is not shaping up to be your standard Deadpool book. Look there are twists in here that are really leaving us in the dark and I’m very curious what is going on. Secret Six #8 was slow but if Gail Simone is writing it I will be reading it. Hey I’m a fanboy for her stuff. Ms Marvel  #1 starts strong with Kamala Khan a full Avenger but still dealing with high school and other problems. Really funny book. And Vader Down #1 starts our fir crossover event in the Star Wars comic universe. We’re about to find out just how powerful Vader is as he squares off against a lot of the Rebellion. Seriously good stuff here.

Picks From The Rack: X-Men, Howard The Duck and More

So I had some life stuff come up but I gotta make some videos and just try to forget about it. So this week I picked up. Star Wars #11 and I'm hoping that issue 12 is a big one. Deadpool #1 is a different take on Deadpool and I kind of like it. I'm picked up Extraordinary X-Men #1 just because I'm wanting to know what Marvel is doing with my mutants. And of course I couldn't resist Howard the Duck #1 because talking duck.  What are you guy's reading?

Picks From The Rack: Invincible Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man and More

Sorry for the two weeks off but I'm back and I got comics to talk about. Star Wars released four books this week but I'm sticking with the main title this week Star Wars #10. Old Man Logan #6 pretty much gives us closure on this character's universe and the introduction into the main Marvel line. Invincble Iron Man sees Tony return to true hero activity and even debuts a new armor. But Amazing Spider-Man #1 really hits it on all levels and this book is getting a permanent spot on Picks.

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