5 Areas Where E3 Could Relocate Next Year

If you don’t know already, E3 and Los Angeles (where E3 has resided) are in a little argument. LA is getting a new stadium, and part of that deal is hurting the LA Convention center. According to the news part of the convention center will be destroyed and rebuilt in order to make room for the new stadium. The ESA doesn’t like the idea and may move to a new location next year.

The construction for the new stadium calls for part of the convention center to be destroyed, which include part of (or all) of one of the exhibit halls. This exhibit hall will then be rebuilt at another end of the convention center. The issue? Well the ESA doesn’t know the specifications of the new exhibit hall. Will it be big enough, will it be able to provide the same amount of exhibitors, will exhibitors have a tough experience getting set up, and most importantly, will it still be under construction during next years E3? Not only is the convention center itself in question, but the ESA wants to know if construction around the center will make it a pain in the butt to get to next years E3 too. Overall they seem rather upset that they are being treated unfairly for a new tenant of the city. Currently E3 brings in over 40,000 attendee’s, uses 30,000 hotel rooms, and this year alone brought in 40 million in revenue to LA.

So if things don’t get worked out, where could E3 move and still be perfectly fine? Well we have locations below.

San Diego Convention Center

This is a pretty big option that I would assume the ESA is optioning rather heavily. San Diego is home to probably the biggest pop culture event there is with San Diego Comic Con (or the International Comic Con). Last year the Con had over 120,000 (yes 120 thousand) people at it, and sold out all of this years passes within an hour. The Convention Center has over a million square feet, and thanks to the Con, even has been revamped. I have visited here as well and it is a rather nice space. E3 only has 40,000 people walking through it so the convention center would feel rather spacious to be honest. As for outside sources, well its San Diego there is plenty to do and the beach is closer than it is in LA, and hotels are more than accommodating. The most important fact here is that a lot of game development studios actually reside in San Diego, so this might actually be cost effective for them to attend. The absolute only issue I can find with this option is San Diego Comic Con. Is San Diego willing to put on another rather big event, will the two groups be able to share the center (Comic Con happens in July so I don’t see why not), and will both be respected?


Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix is a growing city and the latest local Phoenix Comic Con shows that people will turn up for a big event. The Convention Center had nearly 35,000 people in it, and currently has more available space than the LA Convention with 900,000 square feet as compared to 700,000. Plus it has been revamped as of late. I have personally visited both and Phoenix Convention Center is actually rather nice and a lot more modern compared to LA’s. With hotels nearby, a light-rail to go to major areas of the city, and plenty of restaurants the outside sources are easily handled. The only thing that really sucks about this option is the fact that it does indeed get hot in June (so maybe schedule it a little earlier) and there isn’t a beach or Disney Land (or any theme park at all for that matter) anywhere nearby. Then again at least you know your journalists have no choice but to head back to the hotel and work on their assignments. It is easily accessible for all the game Studios (especially studios from San Diego, Silicon Valley, and close by states) and was once even home to a portion of THQ.


Javits Center – New York

New York would also be a rather interesting option, and the Javits Center is currently home to New York Comic Con which has gotten rather big with over 100,000 attendees. In terms of space it has about the same amount of exhibit space as LA Convention Center at above 600,000 square feet. Everything else just seems to fall into place. It’s New York, a perfect tourist city, and there are actually quite a few game development studios within a good range of the area. Heck even Canadian based developers could find this helpful. This center I have yet to personally visit so I have no personal opinion on it, but it could be a viable business decision for the ESA if they were to re-locate.



I don’t have a specific location for this one as I’m not too familiar with the area. We do have quite a lot of staff here at PushStartSelect that will most likely help out in the comments below though. I figured this would be a good area because of the already rather popular event of Quakecon. The event isn’t nearly as large as the other ones I’ve talked about with maybe a little more than 10,000 guests, but it is a growing and developing area. Dallas is actually noted as one of the biggest and fastest growing places of video games, only lagging behind Silicon Valley. In terms of hotels and things to do outside of the main meeting area, there are plenty of places you could put E3 and be completely fine. There are so many developing areas that it is hard to pick just one.

San Francisco

Much like Texas I am not entirely familiar with the area. I could pick a few locations, but I thought I would leave it up to you guys to point out a specific location. Why San Francisco? Well its right there with Silicon Valley, one of the leading areas of technology companies and would mean easy access for game developers. It would just be moving north of LA. Plus, much like the other cities listed, it is friendly to tourists and could handle 40-50 thousand visitors rather easily.


These are five locations that popped out to me on where E3 could easily move with little to no problems. We wish them the best of luck with LA and hope that relocating only happens if it is necessary, and if they do move we hope it helps them grow and expand. We want to know where you would relocate E3? Would it be in one of the cities listed above or somewhere else? Another good option that didn’t make the list would be the home of CES, Las Vegas……