5 Awesome Gaming Mods That Hurt No One

These days when people use the terms mods or hacks, you probably think of major networks going down, cheaters on your favorite games, or noobs that feel cool because they can copy the cheaters’ mods and use it online. Well when we say hacks right now, we don’t mean any of that. Mods and hacks can be cool and achieve awesome results without harming anyone else in the process.


Kinect is actually a really good piece of hardware. I know when Sesame Street Friends is one of the main games for it you might think otherwise, but truth is the non-official hacks for Kinect are simply awesome. People have used Kinect to control computers and all kinds of other things, long before the device was even officially released for PC. The PlayStation Move and Wii controllers have similar modifications, and the possibilities are endless especially when made to work with a PC. Plus lets face it, at it’s current rate the mods on PC are a lot better than the official stuff Microsoft is releasing for Kinect.


Homebrew on any console or handheld is rather neat. Homebrew is basically open source software, which means you can develop and put anything you want on it. I think it’s awesome because some homebrew software has been rather useful, people can be creative and do whatever they want. New designs, better system usage, emulators to play old games (like Doom) on whatever they imagine. Okay some people ruin it by stealing games, so maybe this one hurts a little bit, but the overall target wasn’t meant to do that.

Redesigning A Console

If you look on Youtube there are plenty of people that will redesign a console in a video. Some will have their address and the price it will cost to redesign your console for you. What is it? Well they take it entirely apart and repaint it, add lights, and overall just be creative and make it look unique. It takes a bit of talent (especially since a lot of them are specific designs) and some time, but it’s awesome. To be honest the redesigns normally put gold plated consoles to shame.

Re-purposing A Console

Alright you have that N64 that is now beginning to see the end of its time, or you might even still have that NES sitting in the attic somewhere. Well we have an idea for you; put a Blu-ray drive in it. Yeah you heard me, make a kick ass Blu-ray player. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and is more or less just replacing parts and exchanging the casing. We have seen people do everything from a NES DVD player, to Cartridge modifications. If you need to practice, DVD players are fairly cheap these days and you could be the talk of the block if you had an NES that played DVD’s! Okay maybe if your block consisted of mostly gamers, or is perhaps stuck in the 80’s.

Games Hacked For The Fun Of It

When is it okay to hack a game and modify how it plays? When you are doing it for fun, not playing it online, and NOT using it to cheat. Having fun with it is where hacks arose from and made some of the most fun and iconic moments in gaming history. Ever see Jurassic Park GTA? Ever see GTA 4 look photo realistic and far superior than even GTA5? Okay that one is simply awesome, but you get the point. These things can be fun and we really enjoy seeing them, let alone playing them. Plus a lot of games have stemmed from hacks and mods, Counter Strike being the most obvious one. It was a mod for Half Life 2 that later was purchased by Valve. Now we have all kinds of mods rooted in that engine that have absolutely amazing success, and tons of great indie developers getting a chance to show some talent.  Hell, even Bethesda has gotten in on the action now by releasing an official Mod creator for Skyrim.

While some cheaters and other people most recently making the gaming headlines have given the terms mods and hacking a somewhat nefarious stigma, the truth is, they started out as another way for gamers to express themselves.  Not all of them should be treated as horrible things, but embraced by the larger culture.  If you’ve seen some awesome mods or hacks (or even made some of your own) we’d love to see them!