5 Games You Probably Forgot Existed, But Might Make A Reappearance At This Year’s E3

I’ve noticed this strange phenomenon recently that seemingly only occurs only within the gaming industry—a game is announced, production begins on it, a few screenshots are released, and—boom, you don’t hear about the game for two years.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget these games even exist.  E3 has typically been a time where these games make a grand return, are unveiled in a more spectacular manner than a simple logo or quick screenshot.  We know these games are in production, we KNOW they exist—we’re just in the dark about them.  And E3 is the type of thing that points a spotlight back on those hidden games.  Here’s five of the ones I think we might hear a lot about during this year’s show.


In the last few years, Rockstar Games has released a plethora of new games, from Red Dead Redemption, to Max Payne 3, and even L.A Noire. But since then, one game has been in development over at Rockstar North; the PS3 exclusive Agent. First announced at E3 2009 (almost four years ago), all we’ve seen from Agent is basically a logo. Hell, it’s easy to suspect that the game was canceled, judging from the huge amount of silence surrounding it. But no, the game is alive and kicking, as evident by a couple of screenshots that were released about a year ago. I’m going to bet that this will be the year that we’ll finally here more about Rockstar’s secret agent game.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

This one is more of an iffy than probably any of the other games on this list. Beyond Good and Evil has been in development since 2008, but it’s road to release has been a rocky one, to say the least.  In the works since 2008 from Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the much awaited sequel to the beloved first game from Michel Ancel.  Reportedly, development was rough due to fallings out between Ancel and Ubisoft.  It escalated to a point where it was rumored that Ancel left Ubisoft entirely due to his disagreement.  Well this was later revealed to be false, Ancel did take a break from BGE 2 to focus on Rayman: Origins.  With that game done, it’s believed that Ancel is back working on the game but, according to him, it’s now being targeted for release on the next generation of consoles.  But hey…the next generation is just around the corner.  Could we possibly see something from BGE 2 at the show?  Odds are slim, but it could happen.


Ah yes, Ryse…the oddly named Microsoft exclusive from Crytek Studios. Similar to many other games on this list, Ryse has been in the making for about three years, first unveiled as Codename Kingdoms during Microsoft’s 2010 Keynote. The game made an appearance during Microsoft’s Keynote last year as well, where it was given the name Ryse and revealed to be a Kinect hack and slash game. But since then, things have been all quite on the Ryse front. But if history serves, expect to see Ryse pop up again during Microsoft’s keynote, maybe even getting a release date (that will inevitably pushed back…but still).

Thief 4

Similar to Beyond Good and Evil 2, Thief 4 is the heavily anticipated next installment in the once popular Thief series, first developed by Eidos way back in 1998.  The last game in the series, Thief: Deadly Shadows, was released in 2004.  Five years later, Thief 4 was announced to be in the early stages of development.  That was three years ago.  Since then, all we’ve seen from the game is the logo; and that’s it.  After three years, you’d think Eidos would have something to show off…and E3 2012 would be a perfect place to do it.


At E3 two years ago, a reboot of the classic X-COM series was announced.  But unlike previous iterations in the franchise, this new X-COM was going to be a Bioshock inspired FPS; certainly a deviation from the classic RTS of old.  Fans cried out in outrage, and the game was almost universally panned.  Since then, the game has descended into hiding and, to make amends, a new RTS X-COM game was announced.  But the FPS X-COM is still happening, set to hit consoles sometime next year.  After the bad reception to the original pitch, it was reported that developer 2K Martin went back and retooled a lot of the game in 2011.  Could they use E3 2012 to make amends and win back the fans?  If I was them, I certainly would.

And there you have it, five games I think might make a resurgence during E3 2012.  Think of any I forgot?  Make sure you sound off in the comments.  And remember, keep checking back in the coming week for all the E3 updates you can physically take…and more!