6 Burning Questions We Have About the PS3 Exclusive ‘The Last of Us’

Last week, a new Sony exclusive game was revealed.  Titled The Last of Us, the game hit the internet in spades, delivering a fantastic and tense teaser trailer and a wave of speculation.  What was the game about?  Who was developing it?  WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THE ANT VIDEO?  Well, on the eve of the game’s official reveal at the Spike Video Game Awards, we’re here to ask (and potential answer) some of the most important of these questions.  Time for some random speculation!  Honestly, is there any other kind?

What’s it about?

First off, let me establish the fact that my answer to this question will be one you will see A LOT during this article; who the hell knows?  This has been the most debated question on this list, and for good reason.  The trailer certainly promises a post-apocalyptic game; that’s indisputable.  The exact nature of the apocalypse, though, is anyone’s guess.  Spores controlling humans has been a rumor that seems the most plausible, but more on that later.  All we know for now is this; The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic video game involving, you guessed it, The Last of Us (i.e. humanity).

Will it involve zombies?

If I was to take an educated guess, I’d say no.  Even though zombie games are quite popular, I really think Sony would realize just how overstuffed the marketplace is, and at least TRY to release something different.  Then again, this could always just be wishful thinking on my part.  Because, if it’s another zombie story, my interest in this game will drop hard.

 Who is developing it?

For me, this is the most interesting question.  Well I’m of course curious about the game’s story and gameplay and such, the developer is much more important to me.  Sony owns about 15 studios, and anyone of them could be making this game.  However, I would narrow it down to five: Guerrilla of Killzone, Sucker Punch of Infamous, Quantic Dream of Heavy Rain, and Naughty Dog of Uncharted.  Those are the four main suspects.  Most of the time I wouldn’t even consider the idea that Naughty Dog could do it.  I mean, this looks way to dark for the company.  But then this happened in Uncharted 3:

Yup, a hidden newspaper talking about brain controlling fungus.  Obviously, Naughty Dog knows about the project.  And well that doesn’t exactly mean they’re developing the game (it seems a little too dark for them) hey, anything could happen.  But if I was to make a guess, I would say Guerrilla.  It seems they’re done with Killzone (at least for now), and they need something to do.  Then again, it could always be Quantic Dream.  They claimed that there next project would be an original IP…hmm.  I guess either Guerilla or Quantum Dream it is!

What genre is it?

This falls hand in hand with the whole “who’s developing it” thing.  If it’s a first person shooter, I really don’t think Quantic Dream would be headlining the game.  Well it would be an interesting change of pace for them, I can’t imagine that Quantic Dream would make a shooter.  That said, wouldn’t it be great if it WASN’T a shooter?  Well I’m not against FPS’s (it’s my favorite genre), it would give The Last of Us an interesting hook if it was something different.  Honestly though, I’m going to bet it’s a first person shooter.  Just my instincts, I guess.

What is with the weird ant climbing the plant video?

Of all the things I’ve seen from The Last of Us, this gets me the most interested.  It seems to be the start of a viral campaign that could potentially reveal the central conflict of the game.  By now, everyone knows of the famed ant video and its meaning.  But last Saturday, no one did.  So when I was doing my research about The Last of Us, I discovered a strange tag on the trailer video labeled “Ophiocordyceps.”  Not knowing what this word meant, I looked it up on Wikipedia.  I then discovered it was a spore that infected ants and turned them effectively into “zombies.”  At the time, I thought I made a great find.  But then, Planet Earth watchers beat me to the punch.  Slow and steady brutally loses the race, I guess.  Anyways, this seems to point credence to the whole “zombie” angle, but I hope there’s a little more to it than that.

When can we find out more?

This is one question I CAN answer.  Tune into the Spike Video Game Awards Saturday at 8p ET / 5p PT to catch the world premiere of the game in action.  Hopefully, all our questions will be answered then!  Also, don’t forget to tune into our VGA liveblog to catch our up to the minute reactions the minute the trailer hits!  See you then!