Alice Madness Returns Costume Contest

Alice Madness Returns seems to be the most overlooked title released so far this year to me. I loved the game, I also loved the first title, but not many people have given a go just yet. With Halloween here, it might be a good time to give the game a shot with its dark themes and overall nature. However they team behind the title, Spicy Horse, are doing something special for Halloween as well!

Spicy Horse is hosting their annual Halloween contest on their official site. Currently the contest is only open to the US and Canada, but things are being worked out to get it going around the world. The contest is held in three different categories: Game Derived, Army of Alices, and Special Alices. While Special Alices is for Alice Madness Returns, the Game Derived costumes can be from any games they have made.

If you would like to enter, or check out the contest for yourself, head over here! What do you guys think about us hosting a costume contest?

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