Battlefield 3 Beta: The Glitchfest of Awesome (Part 1)

As pretty much everyone knows by now, we have all been granted access to the Battlefield 3 beta through PC, PSN, and Xbox Live. While I feel Medal of Honor owners got jipped by only getting it two days early, less than that on PSN, that is beyond the point. What did we feel about the beta? And how do we feel the final product will be? Will check out some of our thoughts during this three part series.

What Went Wrong With The Beta?

Since this is a beta, I wanted to address these things first as they will get fixed with the testing, hopefully. When I first hopped on the beta I absolutely hated it, I won’t lie. I couldn’t stand it. There was tons of lag, glitches, and the guns were crap to me. However I gave it a chance and kept getting on daily and it improved in many ways, and I will cover those below. However it still has its issues.

The beta is still a massive glitch fest to this day. It’s been a very long time since I played a game where everyone was falling through the maps and having issues getting stuck on things, but with Battlefield it was so common people just seemed to deal with it. Right up until yesterday I was still having issues. They even sent out an email that this past weekend was their “server test” so they wanted everyone on at once. However why only one weekend? Why not the entire time? Why wasn’t it fixed at all and we are just left with “we promise it will be fixed in the final version.” The alpha stage I was apart of had pretty much daily tests for everyone and it was handled extremely well, this beta didn’t feel anything like that. In fact I have been a part of 3 or 4 other beta’s this year alone, and this was the first beta to not fix a single thing as it progressed.

The destruction is noted to be “improved” in the final release as well, but in the beta itself its lame. You can blow off a wall here and there, but nothing literally blows apart. They have this new stellar engine and this all you can do with it? The  down scaled console version is hurting the specific map as well. I know for a fact PS3 can handle a bit more players, and having such a small amount is lame. The battles are not epic by anymeans and its causing a huge problem with campers. Not only are the talentless noobs camping, but they are able to camp out at spawn points and demolish a team without giving them a chance, its sad.Several times our base was pushed back, and instead of saying I was out of the “war zone” it just lets me lolly gag around in their base until someone finally kills me.

I was playing a game where several guys were left on my team, so it was 7 vs 11 and we still had people from the opposing team continuously running up into our spawn. Overall I blame a majority of these issues on the Metro map and not the game itself. I think since they went out of their way to put less players per game for us, they should of taken time to restrict other things (such as a narrower map or more hiding spots) to even it all out.

I can’t help but to go back to the lag problem for the rest of my issues. They said no one shot kills, but it still feels like I’m getting shot like that. Out of no where, no bullets flying by me at all, and I die. Its frustrating, and the problems get worse after about 9PM my time, which is when I believe the majority of the servers switch. If they fix this issue the game may be golden!

The Good News for the Beta?

The game works well when you have two talented teams. The camping is pushed back to the objective, which is understandable, and everyone is pushing for the objective equally. We see several teams that can formulate plans and watch as they work or don’t work. There isn’t a whole lot of people talking on the mic when I play, but somehow this team work still happens in the end. The ladder guns you unlock are a whole lot more fun than the guns you start out with. They get much more accurate and are simply better. In a way I don’t like this because it puts noobs at a massive disadvantage, but anyone willing to tough it out for a few levels will be happy. For those familiar with Battlefield like me you knew this would be the case anyways.

The Metro map is a lot more bearable when you finally push into the subway area. There will still be some noobs camping the beginning of the tunnel, but they are much easier to spot and kill here than out in the open fields. The lighting and textures really kick in here, and the beta isn’t even the polished and finished version of the game. The audio had some faults, but I think its due to the compressed beta not being the final code. I say this because in some area’s the audio is absolutely fantastic, like always with Battlefield.

Overall I am satisfied with the beta and hope they fix and improve it like they did with the Medal of Honor beta. I think the console versions could still use some tweaking, but that won’t turn me away from buying this game at the end of the day! As for comparison sake, I hope the rest of the game improves on the positives of the beta. Why? Because they fixed a lot of things that were going wrong with Bad Company 2, possibly one of my favorite shooters to date. I’m hoping their target isn’t Call of Duty, but to be better than their previous work instead, and that’s what will make Battlefield 3 fantastic.

Stick around as we have more impressions of the beta coming your way, along with a review of the final game!

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