Full Skyrim Map Leaked – Confirmed

What you see in the image below  is the confirmed map of Skyrim leaked from a Russian website, ElderScrolls.net on Saturday. Russian readers of Kotaku confirmed that the map is in fact, the real deal.

Russian readers are letting us know the map was in fact handed out at the Igromir gaming show in Moscow, meaning it’s not leaked at all!

Note that there may be a different translated version of the map and the map details may not be 100%. But what you do notice on the map are the 9 cities and coat-of-arms for each and smaller settlements between each of them.

Skyrim Avatar Items XBOX Live

The countdown to Skyrim is on!  On October 13th, you will be able to dress you Xbox LIVE avatar in Skyrim awesomeness by purchasing the following avatar items:

  • Dragonborn Helmet (male or female): 240 Microsoft Points
  • Skyrim logo t-shirt (male or female): 80 Microsoft Points
  • Skyrim logo baseball cap (male or female): 80 Microsoft Points

Skyrim will be out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 11.

Source: Game News Hq