GameStop Opening Kids Stores Friday

You read that right, GameStop is opening brand new stores just for kids! GameStop announced that they will be opening 80 brand new stores targeting at just kids. The stores will carry games Rated E for Everyone, toys, and special unique items for kids. Items include things like a 2 foot tall talking Chewbacca and Skylanders backpacks.

The stores will be opening inside “high traffic malls,” and you can tell because each location already has a high traffic GameStop location. The stores are only expected to stay open through the holidays, but if they do well they will be more permanent within your favorite mall. Simply putting in new sections in already made GameStop locations was not an option as “they don’t have room, for an idea like this.” GameStop also noted they have been testing it for the past 8 months in locations around the world, and it was becoming a success.

So what gave them the idea to do this? Well you guys I’m assuming. According to GameStop they were polling and asking “premium members” what they would like in stores and this was one of the hot items. “They’ve been giving us feedback on what kind of store they’d like to see,” Raines said. “We’ve been seeing a lot of success on a variety of these different products.”

So what do you think gamers in their mid 30’s with children? Good idea? Or will you skip the stores and keep going to Wal-Mart for toys?