Mass Effect Movie Gets Serious With New Writer

Hollywood might actually be taking a video game serious for once. Mass Effect is pretty much a movie that you get to write as you play the game. So Hollywood thought “lets make a movie!” EA agreed and now the process is underway. Everything was falling perfectly in line for this movie to no suck like every other video game adaptation. You have WB acquiring rights and giving it to Legendary to make. You had Mark Protosevich (The writer behind Thor) making the movie, so you know he could write a story and not create a standard action movie. Plus the talk and fan reactions were good. Even the comic book spin offs were decent.

While a majority of that seems to be the same, we have a new writer behind the movie. Morgan Davis Foehl has taken over the project. Don’t know the name? Well that’s because this will be his first major film under his belt. As a writer I’m excited for him and absolutely love that they are tossing a big project like this to a new writer. The only thing thats really holding my celebrations back entirely is the fact he was already scheduled to write, what sounds like to me, a stereotypical action flick with space monsters.

This will be interesting as they are giving a new writer reigns to create an entirely unique story on an awesome universe.