NHL 13 Moves Players To Europe Leagues

The NHL lockout sucks, but that didn’t stop EA from releasing NHL 13, and now they are keeping the experience authentic. If you are a hockey fan like me you are waiting ever so patiently for yet another lockout to end. How do we hockey fans pass the time? By watching re-runs? No! We buy hockey games and play them all we can! Well EA has released a rather good game with NHL 13 and are following the lockout very closely. No they are not creating an in-game lockout (though that may be a possibility if the NHL keeps acting like children every 5 years), but instead sending your favorite players to the European Leagues.

From GameInformer “Hockey is a global game and within NHL 13 there are five European leagues, 66 European teams and over 2100 players representing 26 countries across Europe,” EA Sports says. “By adding NHL players who have joined those leagues to their respective team rosters, we are able to create an authentic experience for fans of those leagues and the NHL, worldwide.”

The good news is the players will also remain on the NHL rosters, so don’t freak out too much. We can still play with our make believe teams and pretend a season still exists. You know instead of venting about how much the NHL sucks for locking out the players all over the place and screaming “JUST AGREE ALREADY! HOW HARD IS IT TO SPLIT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!” Okay better stop there.