PlayStation Plus Heading To Vita November 19th; Gravity Rush Free

PlayStation Plus is finally (and I mean finally) coming to the Vita, and its coming rather soon! Announced at the Tokyo Game show by Sony, PS Plus is hitting PS Vita on the 19th. With it comes great discounts and plenty of games for you to start playing. For launch PS Plus will include the following games for the instant game collection on Vita entirely for free ; Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, JetSetRadio HD, Tales for Space: Mutant Blog Attacks, and Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP). Sony noted that Uncharted and Gravity Rush are the two titles that will stick around longer than the others, to ensure everyone gets a chance to play them. The rest of the game will be rotated out, like the PS3 version of Plus, but Sony guaranteed there will always be 4 games available. That makes a total of 14 games every month if you own a Vita and PS3 with Plus.

The rate stays the same at a little less than 5 dollars a month, and you don’t need two subscriptions. You pay for it once and get both the PS3 and Vita Plus content. Along with the free games several titles will also be going on a discount sale for Vita as well, which seems to be a majority of the Sony published titles. However the list changes from region to region.

Overall I think I now need to go buy a bigger memory card and shell out some money for Plus! (Gravity Rush and Uncharted are both fantastic games!)