Syndicate Banned in Australia

Laws are getting more and more strict every day. Even in America things seem to be getting out of hand with people stating “how many restrictions do you need to be free?” Well Australia is jumping ahead of everyone and set their sights on the video game industry, banning several AAA title simply due to “violence.”

Australia has stated that Syndicate (an upcoming title from EA) has failed classification and will not be allowed to be sold in the country.
“Combatants take locational damage and can be explicitly dismembered, decapitated or bisected by the force of the gunfire. The depictions are accompanied by copious bloodspray and injuries are shown realistically and with detail,” was their complaint among going into the details of what the gore was.

I am a major proponent of people against violent video games. I don’t believe they have lasting effects and most of all I believe the government should allow parents to do their own jobs. So it should come as no surprise that I find the Australian government as dimwits. They obviously have no will to allow the game industry to expand or develop in their country, as several major game makers have voiced opinions like mine. They have no will to allow retailers to profit off big titles. Most importantly, they have proved they don’t listen to both sides of a story.

Australia has the biggest ban so far with Mortal Kombat, which attempted to fight the ban and lost. However it still went on to win several awards at the Game of the Year Awards and was highly acclaimed everywhere it released. If you don’t know. This ban (or failed classification) means that any game not suitable for people under the age of 15 cannot be sold period. So while other countries might be strict on selling such titles to kids, Australia says no to anyone. Why? Well they can’t stand the fact a parent might allow their kid to watch the game. Sad day.

Source: VG247