Turns Out That Gamestop is a Terrible Daycare…

I hate to say it, and it truly makes me sad…but some parents are stupid.  They make all of us look bad, and by all rights probably can’t even take care of themselves, let alone a child.  Case in point, one woman tried to use a Gamestop as a daycare and got arrested.  In other news, the sun is bright.

This comes from Boynton, Florida where a 21-year old woman was arrested on charges of child neglect when she left her son in a Gamestop by himself.  The child was eventually discovered walking by himself in the Mall’s (where the Gamestop was located) parking lot and brought to guest services by concerned shoppers.  The service desk then tried to call for the mother over the PA system, not once…but three times.

Finally the police were called and they began searching the mall for the boy’s mother, Kethia Dagrin-Francois.  When they couldn’t find her they returned to guest services where they came across the boy’s Aunt.  The Aunt said the mother had been searching for her son for the past 15 minutes…But that was still 50 minutes after he’d been found in the parking lot.  Wow, great job there.

But wait!  This story gets even better.  Dagrin-Francois’ excuse and explanation to the police were that she took the child into the Gamestop to play a game while she continued to shop by herself.  She supposedly told her 5-year old (yeah, 5, did we mention that yet?), to stay put in the store until she came back.  Sounds like a pretty fool-proof plan doesn’t it.  She was then arrested for child neglect.  It’s a good thing for here there’s no law against being stupid…because she’d probably get the electric chair.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine any scenario in which I would think leaving my five year old child alone in a Gamestop by himself is a good idea.  It’s not just that the store could be potentially filled with strangers who may do them harm, it’s filled with people that have no responsibility whatsoever for the child.  They could give two-shits about his welfare, and obviously did, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up in the parking lot!

On top of that…it’s a Gamestop.  Impressionable young minds could be filled with all sorts of nonsense in there.  You’d pick up your child and he’d be trying to sell you on some pre-order to a game that may not even come out.  Then he’ll start arguing with you about release dates and trying to convince you that getting $10 for a 2-week old game is a hell of a deal.  That’s just madness, and you want to subject your child to that?

Gamestop isn’t a daycare, but you know what is?  A daycare.  If you want your kid off your hands for a little bit, why not take him to an actual place designed for that stuff?