Weekend Roundup: Microsoft Re-Invents Surface, Nintendo Outs A New 3DS, And Solid Snake

The weekend is here, and that means one thing! We had news for the past 5 days. Of course most PR people take a vacation on the weekend, like any normal person, so why not talk about what we already know? This week was rather exciting with a secret MS announcement, a Nintendo 3DS hits the fan, and Solid Snake is working up a 5th title. We have mixed thoughts on it all, and what to know what you think.

What do you think of Microsofts Surface?

Jordan: To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about Microsoft’s Surface.  On the outside it looks cool, but then again nothing revolutionary either.  There was nothing about it that made me think “I’ve got to get it now!”  I need to see more of it in action and what they plan to do to really set themselves apart with it.

Dustin: I have mixed feeling on it. I openly hate expensive tablets, and would be satisfied with a Kindle Fire to simply watch movies on the go. However this seems to be a good step in the right direction and could force Apple to finally step up. Its a full OS with great Windows support to really push all their products together. Yet, I’m still content with a laptop, something tablets haven’t come anywhere close to matching. However the one thing I absolutely did not like, is the fact MS had to reveal it that day and so urgently. Why not hype it up more, have more details available, and most importantly a launch date within a month of the announcement? You know….playing Apples own game. I feel the same, meh its just a tablet with a cool peripheral.

Kojima announced a new Metal Gear, how do you feel about it?

Jordan: I feel freaking ecstatic!  I love Metal Gear Solid and it’s a franchise I’ve followed for a very long time (since the original came to the US on the NES).  I only hope that Kojima is a decent ways into the production already.  It’s already been quite some time since MGS4, and if we have to wait another 4-5 years for MGS5 that feels a tad ridiculous.

My hope is that he’s announcing the game because he feels comfortable with where it is in development.  I’ll also chime in with many others in saying that I’m fairly confident it’ll be a next-gen game.  Kojima has already said it’s using a brand new engine, which leads me to believe it would fit better on a newer machine.

Dustin: I’m a MASSIVE Metal Gear fan and will never get enough. He says Snake will make a return, and I about flew out of my pants. However the one thing that bugs me is that its using the FOX Engine. It’s a bit sad that we will only get to see MGS4 use the engine it was on…..it was such a beautiful engine, and I really wanted to see something else use it. I doubt we will see MGS5 on current consoles, if we do…. it will be the last game I buy for a PS3. I’m also interested if it will be a sequel or prequel, if its a sequel and shows up on Xbox than Kojima might need to do something about MGS4. Trophies?

What do you think of the newly announced 3DS?

Jordan: I’m very torn on this one.  On one hand, I loved the DSi XL.  I was skeptical of it at first, but once I got my hands on it, I didn’t want to play my DS games on anything else.  Yet on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if Nintendo isn’t going to be releasing yet another version that will come with the second analog stick.

I worry that by the time I break down and buy the 3DS XL, two weeks later they’ll announce the next version with a built in second analog stick.  So it’s tough to decide if I should buy it when it releases (like I want to), or wait for the next version to come along.

Dustin: I really have no feelings for it. It just feels like Apple announcing a new iPod….really doesn’t mean anything to me. I mean I enjoy the 3DS, but this just seems like a quick money grab for them and nothing more. I wasn’t too fond of the XL to begin with though.

Are you siding with Microsoft or Motorola in the recent patent lawsuits? Do you think 360’s will be restricted due to the debacle?

Dustin: I have to personally side with Motorola. I openly hate their products, and if they lost I wouldn’t honestly care at all. My 10 replacements of my Droid phone probably gave them enough money to pay for Microsoft fee’s alone. However companies buy patents for a reason, to have control over that specific thing. Microsoft wants to use the patents, they have to pay. If they have an issue with it, then they need to settle it in court, but that doesn’t mean you quit paying and keep using the patents……I have an issue with the use of patents as a whole, but that requires an entire patent system to be in place, and not one specific company getting attacked.

Currently, right now in June, what is you most anticipated title for the Fall? If GTA5’s rumored October release gets announced, will that change your mind?

Jordan: Honestly…I’m going to have to go with Resident Evil 6 and New Super Mario Bros. 2.  The original New SMB game for the DS remains one of my favorite Mario games of all time, so a sequel to it is pretty high on my list.  I’m interested in seeing if RE6 can do all that it promises.  I want the horror to come back, but I want to also retain the better mechanics RE5 (which was more action-oriented) gave us.

Most of the other games I was looking forward to were moved to early 2013, so my Fall gaming will actually be pretty light.  I’m not huge into shooters, so all of the ones hitting around that time don’t hold much interest for me.  So if GTA 5 does come out in the fall, I feel confident that I’ll have plenty of time for it without crowding out any of the other games I want to play.

Dustin: If this was back before Raccoon City released, I’d gladly say Resident Evil 6, but not anymore. A lot of my anticipated titles are also releasing in early 2013, and currently right now I’m in a toss up. I think Treyarch is doing something interesting with Call of Duty Zombies, but I am also excited to see the franchise hit Vita. Same with Assassins Creed 3, the game looked phenomenal during E3, but again I want to see it on Vita!

Overall Borderlands, PlayStation All-Stars, and Sly Cooper are all on my list for sure. I do have Spider-Man on my mind currently though, so its hard to look that far ahead!

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