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After a long delay, Activision has launched the HD remaster for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While it only brings the campaign back for gamers to enjoy is that enough to justify the purchase? Check out our full review to find out!

Modern Warfare came out strong and has been breaking records like Call of Duty is known to do, but then we got a surprise with Modern Warfare 2 Remastered coming back out. The game was supposed to release late last year and was delayed before vanishing from all schedules. Suddenly Acitivision surprised us all and released it the same day the trailer dropped, and boy was it a good surprise.

Modern Warfare 2 only features the title’s campaign mode and Activision makes this clear by marking “campaign remastered” all over the title. The loading screens, the store, everything says that this is only the campaign. Which is fine. The idea is to not separate the MW reboot playerbase into two groups, something that happened back when the first Modern Warfare re-released. This is smart.

The problem I have with this is that nothing is included at all. Modern Warfare 2 had an amazing Spec Ops mode where we could go back into maps and do several challenges against harder enemies. This mode could have had multiplayer, at least split screen, and nothing was included at all. When Activision says “campaign only” they literally meant just that, which kind of sucks.

Unless, of course, you realize it’s only $20. For that amount of money the campaign is plenty. I played the game again on veteran and cleared all the trophies and had a heck of a fun time doing it. The amount of hours spent doing that compared to a 2 hour movie makes the value more than worthwhile.

The biggest downside is there’s almost no real replay value. I had no reason to go back through it again because there aren't leaderboards, there isn’t any value beyond simply playing again. It sucks in a way simply because this is arguably the best Call of Duty there is so we want to play more. The added stuff we get in the Modern Warfare reboot does some saving grace in value though.

In terms of rating the game it is absolutely beautiful. Modern Warfare 2 is the absolute pinnacle of the series with astonishing set pieces and polish that I would say the later games lacked. This is Infinity Ward’s baby, they put everything they had into this game. The remastered version literally takes this and makes everything even more beautiful. The game has some modern day graphics that make replaying every bit of every mission breathtaking. Some finer details and effects were added in, and reliving this experience is 100 percent worth it in every way.

There are some outdated aspects to the game still, however. At times the game will remind you how old it really is because mechanically nothing has changed. Visually the game looks stunning, but animations and core mechanics are still weird, especially if you go from the Modern Warfare reboot to MW2 remastered. Your character still feels like he is floating, guns have almost absolutely no recoil to them, and enemies don’t respond dynamically to getting hit. It was quite amusing seeing these old mechanics in play when enemies would randomly go flying after sniper shots. It was also odd trying to play the game like MW, but those physics and mechanics were not working. Anyone remember not being able to slide into cover?

One thing I was a bit concerned about was the developers editing the game to please modern day politics. Luckily this didn’t happen. While you may not agree with missions like “No Russian,” they are important to the story to show just how ruthless Makarov is. Editing, or removing, said missions would totally ruin the iconic title.

However there are now Easter eggs throughout the game that didn’t exist in the original. For example in the No Russian level, players have discovered the main character from MW3 now appears. For those that don’t know, the main character goes back to the airport to stop the attack, but passes out before he can save the day. In the remaster we can see him fall to the ground and reach for help.

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Overall if you are a Call of Duty fan, or remember playing this game at all, this title is absolutely worth every penny. If they were charging more I would probably question the content, but for the budget price of $20 it is worth everything you pay for. Yes you will be sad that multiplayer or spec ops isn’t included, but you will have a thrilling time replaying the missions over again.
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