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May 11, 20
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An engaging story, competitive play, and enough modes to keep you coming back Injustice 2 is another great installment for this franchise. 

Hey guys Jason The X here for SCNS Live powered by and I have spent a week with Injustice 2 and I have to tell you I like it but I’m not in love with it. Prefacing this I’ve always been a fan of fighters like Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom, and various others. I’ve always been a casual Mortal Kombat fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. That being said Injustice 2 is very well put together and worth the money. Now if you’re unfamiliar, Injustice takes place on an alternate Earth where Superman after the Joker killed Lois Lane along with a large portion of Metropolis decided to take a much more “murder anyone who he feels fit to” stance on things. After being defeated with a combination of heroes from our Earth and that one he was imprisoned and his regime was ousted.

Fast forward to the now as we see Bruce Wayne trying to get the world back on track until a new threat by the name of Brainiac arrives to Earth to add it to his collection of worlds and now foes must unite against this world ending threat.

Between DLC and standard edition you’ll have your choice of DC heroes Including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, And Green Lantern returning with new characters Black Canary, Swamp Thing, Super Girl, Deadshot and others. Also the voice cast for this game is simply a list of greats with Kevin Conroy, Grey DeLisle, Alan Tudyk, Phil Lamarr, Tara Strong, seriously go take a look at that list simply greatness. The story mode for the game is interesting and just as good with the previous game. I always said Injustice was one of the best Justice League movies I’ve seen in a while and this one does not disappoint and even gives a bit of backstory into the previous installment. Completion time for this could feel short but you can finish it in a weekend. However there are two endings and other choices for characters and cut scenes that give it some replay ability. While I love the story mode I find that the Multiverse mode is probably my favorite. It offers a variety of characters in alternate costumes which gives you a good way to grind character levels as each character has a max level of 20 and you’ll have to do about 100 fights per character to get them fully leveled. But this mode also gives you quick mother boxes along with XP with each mother box granting gear to give you character an edge if you choose to go online and battle other players. The gear customization is great and allows unique looks and bonuses for the characters making them even more your own.

Now graphic wise is where I really have to give it to this game. NetherRealm Studios is on a whole new level with faces. The sheer detail and movement of the faces just hits me right in my uncanny valley. The body motions of the characters seem very natural and not clunky or forced.  As far as movement in a fight if you’re used to other fighters like I am you may find some characters clunky to use. There will certainly be a lot of favorite picking depending on your style of play. However I believe the learning curve for players coming into this franchise will be fairly quick with a short adjustment period. Over all this is going to be a great fighter for game of the year. 

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