NimbleBit Gives Star Wars the Tiny Tower Treatment

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Disney Interactive is Partnering up with NimbleBit, the developer behind the popular and addictive mobile game Tiny Tower, in order to give Star Wars fans the Tiny Death Star!  Come inside to check out the quick announcement and artwork for the upcoming mobile game.

Unlike The Force Collection (the card game that came out last month), which is nothing more than a shameless cash grab, NimbleBit has done well in the past with maintaining a good balance for their free-to-play game Tiny Tower.  Hopefully they're going to do the same when Tiny Death Star comes out. Then again, we don't really know if it'll be FTP or not, I'm just assuming here.


Aside from this swanky looking poster, we don't have much news or info on the game.  It's essentially going to be Tiny Tower with a Star Wars twist to it, allowing players to join the darkside and build up a Death Star and other locations.  No release date is set right now, but Disney is promising it'll be coming soon.

All I know is that as desperate as I am for Star Wars games, I'm sure to be downloading this as soon as it releases. 


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