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The Bug Butcher is an intense action shooter, wrapped in stylistic 2D art, and smeared with juvenile humor where timing and fierce reflexes are paramount in protecting your fragile squishy body! The gameplay has an extremely simple chore mechanic that is easy to understand, but hard to master. Plus, who doesn’t love a universe where you wield a beefy arsenal of military grade weaponry that lets you slice through bugs like a hot knife through soft, melted butter.
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When two former Blizzard employees come together to make a game about a giant bug exterminator, named Harry, you know you're in for something special. This is our review of The Bug Butcher.

When a massive facility is under attack from giant ferocious bugs, the scientists call one man to save the day, Harry The Bug Butcher.  In the Awfully Nice Studios product, you control Harry through 30 levels, growing in difficulty.  What makes it more challenging is, Harry can only aim upwards and cannot jump.  It’s up to you, and your ability to control Harry, to save the facility and the scientists within.

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The Bug Butcher doesn’t have much in terms of story.  However, in the small amount of dialogue that is provided, you understand what is going on.  In fact, you get the personalities of each character through well timed grunts and dialogue.  I was able to figure out that Harry is brash and cocky.  I suppose a certain amount of hubris is to be expected when one is called, The Bug Butcher.  Harry’s personality doesn’t make you like his character any more than when you first came in.  His “badass” persona does tend to get annoying at times.  In fact, the scientists don’t take too kindly to his attitude either but put that aside in order to survive the deadly waves.  I actually found the scientists much more relatable than The Bug Butcher.  

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Despite his personality, you can’t say Harry doesn’t back it up.  On the contrary, Harry’s actions on the battlefield are actually quite impressive.  You end up fighting some of the most grotesque bugs in long unforgiving waves.  Each bug comes with a different ability, as well.  There are those that split apart, shoot out beams of electricity, breath fire, spawn babies, and kill you instantly, just to name a few.  There were quite a few times I found myself with an actual look of disgust, while I played.  That look would be followed up with pure joy once the bugs were defeated.


That’s part of why the game is so much fun, though.  Even when you’re disgusted, you’re motivated to kill these creatures and win the battle.  I felt bad for my neighbor because every time I’d survive a wave, I’d involuntarily jump and shout for joy.  The reason being because the game is really challenging.  You’re put into a situation where you’re fighting all types of bugs, the environment is constantly changing, your life is swiftly draining, and you’re supposed to eliminate everything before the clock runs out.  It’s thrilling.  The rewards you get for winning are powerful weapons and abilities.  There are laser beams, gatling guns, lightning bolts, ice grenades (which saved me so many times), and, my personal favorite, the rocket vest which unleashes a bevy of rockets to every single enemy.

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From the moment the game began, I was hooked.  I became so immersed in the gameplay, time flew by and it was midnight.  This game is that addicting.  The story and the characters could use some work but that’s not what matters.  The Bug Butcher is a classic arcade game where it’s all about survival.  I encourage all those with a working computer to buy this game on Steam and just have some mindless fun.  In a time where games have become complicated with story and gameplay, The Bug Butcher is the perfect escape to a time where the strategy was simple: shoot.

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Who Knew Exterminating Could Be So Fun?
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I had a blast playing The Bug Butcher. Despite Harry's flaws, he makes up for it in being an extreme badass on the battlefield. There's a lot to love about The Bug Butcher. It's challenging, intense, strategic, and beautiful all at the same time. It's definitely a must buy.
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