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Enchanting entry into The Witcher universe
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Personally, I have been enjoying a triple shot of Thronebreaker, a Witcher series re-watch and a 3: Wild Hunt re-play with a first go at the books on the horizon, thanks to COVID-19 and quarantine. Thronebreaker has been a wonderful addition to the universe, especially as a fan of the Gwent card game series first in Wild Hunt.

Gwent is an easy-to-pick-up game and your decks merely act as an easy way to catalog your units and manage them in battle.

The game also introduces non-standard battles featuring challenges and puzzles that ask for unusual win conditions, providing some unpredictability for players who are not fans of a linear play-through experience.

The game offers players the chance to skip battles following a combat loss, so there is no risk in feeling locked in by not understanding how to overcome one of the puzzles.

I really enjoyed the narrative with its strong writing and boisterous cast of voice actors that pulled me into the drama of Lyria and Rivia with ease. Those strengths, coupled with the beautiful (and large) overworld to explore made for an immersive jaunt into the world of The Witcher.

The resource management in the game is very tame, but I enjoyed the incentive it gave to really exploring the map and paying to send scouts when I have the chance.

At the end of story arcs in Thronebreaker, the game shows you a list of collectibles and milestones to be completed/collected and allows completionist players the chance to 100% the area before moving on in the story. I appreciated this small act of compassion for the same reasons I appreciate that developers included a "skip battle" option, to allow players to savor the gameplay in whatever manner they most enjoy.

If you are a fan of high-fantasy and political intrigue, I recommend taking a crack as Queen Meve in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales even if strategy card games are not your usual speed.
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