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WWE 2K19


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My Career, Road To Glory, 2K Showcase, Exhibition
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October 9
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WWE is back on our consoles, and BC got the chance to play it!

MyCAREER Thoughts


My Career is once again a highlight of the game. Over the past few years, My Career has become a staple in the WWE 2K games. Starting you out with your NXT tryout and moving you toward the WWE. Then onward to your Wrestlemania moment. This year My Career comes back, and is stronger than ever.


In past years My Career has had it’s issues. Mostly issues with the story. It has been difficult in the past to actually go through it. A matter of fact, I didn’t even get out of NXT during the story of 2K18. It was difficult to grow your Create-A-Wrestler. With a lack of options early on, made for boring gameplay. Plus as a wrestler, it really bothered me the lack of character development you were allowed early on. Not to mention the fact that unless you were willing to pay, it took a long time to build up points.


This year all the mechanics are different. The point system builds much easier, and quicker. You are able to customize your character with many more options. Plus you can buy moves, and gear easier, without microtransactions. Due to the fact that you accrue points quicker you can purchase moves earlier on.


Plus the story just moves more fluidly. You start off on the indy scene which is a lot of fun, and work your way to invading NXT. Which is a cool storyline, something they haven’t actually done in NXT. After making it to NXT however you move to the main roster pretty quick, and your first match on the main roster is kind’ve a pain in the ass. But once you get through it, the story develops and plays out as you play. You have many different routes to go, and it is cool to see the story playout. Plus it has replay ability. With so many different decisions to make, the story is constantly flowing.




A key aspect to any professional wrestling game is the Create-A-Wrestler mode. It goes all the way back to WCW/nWo Revenge on N64 where all you could do was change the color of wrestlers gears. The best they ever did was RAW 2 on the XBOX. The customization on that game was incredible. In past years you could upload music and have custom entrance themes, in 2012 WWE introduced Create-A-Move, which really upped the customization on the games.


However, over the last few years, since 2K has taken control, the Customization has suffered. Lack of entrance music, not to mention the same entrance animations over and over. The womens and tag teams suffered the most, they literally had the exact same thing every year, with no extras or new looks. The wrestlers went from being able to customize and change their looks in game, to having to upload pictures to use as faces to use. It became more of an hassle to create wrestlers.


This year, that seems to have changed. While the entrance music is still lacking, and the entrance animations are not incredibly new, there are a few new animations. However the customization of the characters is much easier. While you can still upload faces to use, you can also manipulate the characters faces. I have had a much more fun time making new characters this year.


But like I said, music is still incredibly lacking.I do not understand the reason behind having a soundtrack for the game, and not letting the songs be used for entrance themes. Instead having the same generic 10 songs that you have had for 5 years, yet the ability to make up to 100 Create-A-Wrestlers. The entrances were given a few new looks, more womens but mostly only because there are more women in the game. They have even done a decent job adding in some new tag team animations. I still think they are a ways off from where they should be.


New this year to the creations is the customization for Money In The Bank. You can design your own MITB Briefcase. Then you can win it, or assign it to a wrestler, and cash it in in the Universe mode! That is pretty damn cool.


Fighting Mechanics


The mechanics have all been revamped as well. Well maybe revamped isn’t the right word. They still work the same as before however they have been improved upon. Greatly compared to the past games since 2K had taken control. In the past they have been pretty buggy, and choppy however they seem to flow more fluently this go around. You can transition from move to move much easier, and it is much more realistic. When a character is down and trying to get up, whatever position they are in, your moves react to your opponent.

WWE 2K19 1

They have also revamped the multiman matches. They work a little smoother than the past. While they have not completely fixed a multiman match, they have added some fun mechanics. If you take a big move in a multiman match or battle royal you roll to the apron and have to rest. You can recover quicker if you want, however, if you spend the entire rest period recouping you get a boost in power. It’s a pretty cool addition, it feels more like a real match.


The submission system is still trash however. The submission struggle system is definitely flawed still and they have made no attempts to change it. It becomes increasingly frustrating to attempt to win via submission when it ist is so difficult to master the controls. Once again the option is there to swap into the button mashing submission system, however that is still very choppy and skewed more toward the computers winning every time.


One of my favorite things about the new game now is the ability to have the 8 man matches. The 8 man match was added last year however the system wasn’t really able to handle the data. The matches were very choppy and full of glitches. This year they flow much better, and they are much more playable. Not to mention, that this year you have the ability to create custom matches. It’s not a true 5 on 5 yet, but you can create and 4 on 4 elimination match, and that makes us even closer to getting a true survivor series style match.


Compare Past WWE Games to 2K19


Lastly a new mode in this years game, is the big head mode. This something that WWE has never incorporated into their past games. And it is incredibly fun fun. It is nothing more than just a fun new mode for this years installment, it doesn’t add to the storyline, it doesn’t add to the psychology of putting together wrestling match, it is literally just, this is fun to sit around with your friends and play.

wwe 2k19 big head mode gameplay 1007x520

I have bought every single pro wrestling game since the Nintendo 64. Started with WCW vs NWO World Tour, WCW/NWO Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, No Mercy, the Raw’s, the Smackdown’s, the Raw Vs Smackdown’s, and all the way through the new incarnations. I even had the had Impact Wrestling game. Since 2K took over I have seen a steady downfall in the quality of the games. To the point that I had decided not to buy this years installment.


However, after playing it now, and really working with it I have truly enjoyed this incarnation. It is not perfect by any means, and it is far from the best in franchise. This is the first step in the right direction. If this is the new direction that this franchise is headed, then we may get back to where these games should be.

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A big step forward, WWE 2K19 makes giant leaps to in the right direction! It still has a way to go to get back to its peak, however this game is much better then the last 5. Custimization has made a lot of progress this year as well, but still has the same weak animations and music for entrances. On a whole, a much better game.
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