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Aquaman (4K Ultra HD)

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Jason Momoa’s standalone superhero adventure, Aquaman, arrives on 4K/blu-ray this week, bringing with it gorgeous visuals and a slew of bonus features. But is this week’s new release worth picking up? Come inside to check out my full review!


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The Movie

While we saw Jason Momoa’s Aquaman character in two previous movies (though his Batman v. Superman appearance was blink and you’ll miss it), the classic DC superhero finally got his very own movie last year. Judging by how much money it made at the box office, a BUNCH of people turned up to see it. Now, it’s making the jump into homes and the epic, often goofy, standalone adventure holds up surprisingly well. 

The film shows how Arthur Curry deals with his birthright, and an evil half-brother who wants to see him dead so he can rule Atlantis unopposed. It’s a globe-trotting affair as Aquaman and Mera embark on a journey to uncover an ancient artifact to save both the world above and below. 

It’s essentially an origin story, but manages to change up the formula enough that it doesn’t feel like your typical superhero origin flick. It has some incredible action set pieces that blew me away on the big screen, but are still very impressive on the smaller screen in the house.

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I won’t belabor my thoughts on the film overly much. I reviewed the film, at length, when it first launched in theaters and largely, I don’t think my overall feelings on the film have changed upon watching it again. There are still some pacing issues, but seeing it in the comfort of your home (where you can pause and take breaks) makes a lot of that problem fairly minimal. 

The bottomline is fairly simple in terms of the movie...It’s easy to pick apart. I can choose about any aspect of it and point out things that didn’t work, or could have been better handled. None of that, however, changes the fact that I had a big goofy grin on my face the entire time. It was true in theaters, and still true watching it at home. Aquaman has a massive fun factor that can’t be ignored and enjoyable enough to override its issues. 

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Sight and Sound 

Folks...let me tell you, Aquaman is a ridiculously gorgeous movie. It was evident in the film’s trailers and completely blew me away in theaters. From the colorful beauty of Atlantis and its various tech, to the sprawling battles, Aquaman is a near constant visual treat. James Wan knows what he’s doing and the vibrancy of the film makes for a stunning 4K release. 

The picture is sharp and crystal clear and absolutely highlights the beautiful imagery throughout. The underwater scenes truly pop, allowing you to see deep into the backgrounds and the many tiny details you can find in there. The blacks are super deep and I didn’t notice any crushing, which means every scene stands out clearly even when things get dark (especially during “The Trench” sequences). 

The surround sound is equally impressive in the transfer, throwing you into the heart of the battle sequences. It makes the underwater sequences standout even more as well, as the subtle noises of the ocean in the background really immerse you into the scenes. Thankfully, the dialog is never drowned out, and is given proper priority throughout. 

The technical aspect of the 4K release for Aquaman are impressive and ensures that this great looking film still looks amazing on your TV at home. If you’re looking for a flick to spotlight your television’s capabilities, Aquaman on 4K Ultra HD is an excellent choice. 

Aquaman Movie Hi Res Image

The Bonus Features

Aquaman comes with a digital copy of the film and a blu-ray version that includes these special features: 

·       Going Deep Into the World of Aquaman

·       Becoming Aquaman

·       James Wan: World Builder

·       Aqua Tech

·       Atlantis Warfare

·       The Dark Depths of Black Manta

·       Heroines of Atlantis

·       Villainous Training

·       Kingdoms of the Seven Seas

·       Creating Undersea Creatures

·       A Match Made in Atlantis

·       Scene Study Breakdowns

·       Exclusive Sneak Peek of Shazam!

All of the behind the scenes featurettes offer up a neat look into how this spectacle-filled comic book movie came to be. I particularly enjoyed the look at how the visual effects created the awesome underwater creatures and battle sequences. The Shazam! Sneak peek was fun as well, but considering that film is just around the corner, I wouldn’t exactly consider this a selling point. 

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Aquaman is far from the perfect movie, but it does some incredible things nonetheless. It’s a lot of fun and features some great visual flair that shines brightly on the 4K transfer. The special features are solid and interesting, though the highlight of the release is definitely the film itself. If you missed out on Aquaman in theaters, even with it’s problems, I think it’s definitely worth picking up.
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