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The inevitable has come home, as Avengers: Endgame arrives on blu-ray this week. Coming loaded with special features and a finale that still delivers, there’s plenty of reason to pick it up from the store! Come inside for my full review. 

The Movie

I didn’t get the chance to really talk about Endgame when it arrived in theaters here on the site; mostly because I didn’t get a chance to check it out until a couple weeks after it released. While I don’t think there’s a whole lot I can add to the conversation surrounding the film at this point (that hasn’t already been said by others), the home entertainment release gave me the chance to revisit it for the first time...And folks, it’s still incredible. 

I’ve enjoyed just about every Marvel film that’s released, but I can honestly say there’s only a handful or so (though the number is increasing) that I generally come back to watch more than a couple times. Avengers: Endgame is one of the MCU films I haven’t stopped thinking about since I saw it in theaters. 

More than another action-packed adventure featuring our favorite heroes, it’s the culmination of all the Marvel Universe films so far. Despite that burden, the film manages to tell its own story and go in a direction I wasn’t completely expecting. From dealing with grief, a time-travel heist, character twists, and a final act that manages to deliver one eye-popping action sequence after another. It all works incredibly well. 

I’m happy to say it still works incredibly well on the smaller screen. In fact, I found myself enjoying Endgame even more upon the second (and subsequent) third viewing. I was able to take better notice of the smaller details and character beats sprinkled throughout. While the spectacle of the action is still insanely impressive, they overshadow some of the more intimate moments the first time around. 

It’s a film that certainly rewards multiple viewings while managing to be just as entertaining and emotionally powerful each time. It’s no small feat, and I suspect in the years to come it’s a film many will come back to over and over again. So if you were worried that the film wouldn’t hold up as well in the transition from the big screen to the house, you have absolutely nothing to fear. 

Sight and Sound

Much like Infinity War, Endgame pulls together a variety of visual styles; each calling back to the films that preceded it. The blu-ray transfer makes it all stand out. Every minor detail (even the alien vegetation on Thanos’ farm at the beginning) is crystal clear; giving all those background elements the chance to be seen. The blacks are deep, which makes everything else stand out. 

The surround sound for the transfer is equally impressive. It’s truly immersive, making you feel in the middle of the action as tiny background noises float around from all angles. Thankfully the dialog is given proper priority and never feels overshadowed by the action (of which there is plenty). All in all, like just about every Marvel/Disney blu-ray transfer, the technical details are excellent. 

The Bonus Features

On top of the DVD copy and digital code insert, the Avengers: Endgame blu-ray comes loaded with these special features on the disc: 

Remembering Stan Lee – Filmmakers and cast honor the great Stan Lee in a fond look back at his MCU movie cameos.

Setting The Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr. – Hear the tale of how Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Tony Stark in the original “Iron Man” — and launched the MCU.

A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America – Trace the evolution of Captain America with those who helped shape the look, feel and character of this compelling hero.

Black Widow: Whatever It Takes – Follow Black Widow’s journey both within and outside the Avengers, including the challenges she faced and overcame along the way.

The Russo Brothers: Journey to Endgame – See how Anthony and Joe Russo met the challenge of helming two of the biggest films in cinematic history … back-to-back!

The Women of the MCU – MCU women share what it was like to join forces for the first time in an epic battle scene — and be part of such a historic ensemble.

Bro Thor – His appearance has changed but his heroism remains! Go behind the scenes to see how Bro Thor was created.

Six Deleted Scenes – “Goji Berries,” “Bombs on Board,” “Suckiest Army in the Galaxy,” “You Used to Frickin’ Live Here,” “Tony and Howard” and “Avengers Take a Knee.”

Gag Reel – Laugh along with the cast in this epic collection of flubs, goofs and gaffes from set.

Visionary Intro – Intro by directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Audio Commentary – Audio commentary by directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Considering the amount of secrecy that surrounded the film (even following its release), it’s nice to see the curtain fully drop with the plethora of special features. The Stan Lee tribute is a nice treat (as if I needed more reason to cry), but what I enjoyed most where the behind the scenes featurettes showing how this epic conclusion came together. It’s fun to see the actors interact on this scale and the sheer amount of planning that had to go into every detail to make it happen. 

The deleted scenes are fun, though I can definitely see why they were cut (yes, even the kneeling sequence), but I suspect many people will get a kick out of the film’s audio commentary. 

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As much money as it made, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen Avengers: Endgame and decided how you feel about it. I loved it the first time, and have found myself loving it even more with each subsequent viewing. Throw in a slew of insightful/fun bonus features and there’s no reason to skip out on bringing this home.  
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