Batwoman: The Complete First Season

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August 18,

The complete first season of Batwoman has finally arrived on Blu-Ray, collecting the origins of Gotham's newest protector in one volume. I checked the season one Blu-Ray out to let you know if it's worth adding to your collection.

As the newest addition to the CW's Arrowverse, Batwoman had a lot of hype to live up to. Not only would this series feature a lesbian superhero in the form of Kate Kane/Batwoman, this would also be the first series set in Gotham City, notably a Gotham that is post-Batman, as the Dark Knight has been missing for three years when the pilot episode begins. It would have been very easy for the writers of Batwoman to overthink this concept and get the story wrong.

But they didn't.

In my opinion, from the first episode to the last, the first season of Batwoman was nothing short of amazing. Throughout 20 episodes you get to know Kate Kane and a Gotham that has come to know a world without Batman. Aiding Batwoman (and Kate) in her role as a would-be hero are Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton-Kane (her stepsister). And against Batwoman is one of the most fascinating villains I've seen in years: Alice, Batwoman's Joker, if you will. The relationship between hero and villain is so complex and yet so well done that it hooked me on the series almost immediately. And the fact that the season finished two episodes short due to the ongoing pandemic doesn't hurt the storytelling in the least, as the season ends on a suitably shocking cliffhanger.

Knowing all of this, I was eager to dig into the Blu-Ray to relive every glorious moment. And, to be fair, it is a pretty nice set. The season is divided up onto four discs, with a fifth disc reserved for the entire Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. It's important to note that the only way to get the complete crossover is to pick up the Blu-Ray edition. But beyond that...I found myself disappointed by the relative lack of extras once you're done checking out the first season. There are deleted scenes for several episodes, which is always fun to watch since you can see moments that didn't make the final cut. And there's also a series of highlights from DC TV's Comic-Con Panels at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. That's it. That's the sum total of Batwoman's special features, which actually left me kind of upset. Where's the commentary, where are the cast interviews? Where's the behind the scenes footage explaining how certain stunts happened? Even better, where's the features that explain the history of Batwoman in the comics, highlighting the Easter Eggs that can be found in Batwoman's first season? Those were the kinds of features I was expecting, and they're just not there.

As disappointing as that is, if you're looking for a mostly bare-bones set that has all of the Batwoman first-season episodes (as well as Crisis on Infinite Earths), then this is definitely the set for you. Hopefully, future seasons will have more bonus features, because half the reason I get TV seasons on DVD/Blu-Ray is for the special features.

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Batwoman: The Complete First Season
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The Batwoman season one Blu-Ray, while it delivers all of the action in crisp HD, falls way short when it comes to special features. Be that as it may, it's nice to have the first season of Batwoman out on home media, as it will help sate many people's interests in the series until season 2 arrives (hopefully) in January 2021.
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