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The Angels are back in action as the latest take on the classic franchise arrives on Blu-ray, but is the adventure worth picking up? Check out our full review to see what we thought!

The Movie

Last year brought a brand new Charlie’s Angels film. Instead of being a reboot/remake, the film incorporates all the previous versions of the Angels into a single storyline. The Townsend Agency has gone international, meaning there are a LOT more agents (Angels) than before, along with their handlers, called Bosley. 

Personally, I thought it was a really neat way to include what’s come in the past (from the original show to the last set of films) while still telling an all new story. In the film, Jane (Ella Balinska), a former MI6 agent, and Sabina (Kristen Stewart) are tasked with protecting Elena (Naomi Scott). She’s an engineer who’s been developing a new power source that could completely change the energy market across the world. 

The problem, however, is in the wrong hands, it could become one of the deadliest weapons around. When Elena’s concerns are constantly shrugged off, she turns to the Townsend Agency to help blow the whistle. Things go from bad to worse when a master assassin turns up at the meeting to take her out. It soon becomes clear that someone knows the Angels are involved and have laid traps out for them as well, posing a threat to all they stand for. 

The resulting quest to figure out what’s going on and prevent the technology from falling into villainous hands takes them to different countries and a handful of twists and turns. All the while, Jane, Sabina, and Bosely (Elizabeth Banks) show Elena the ropes about being an Angel and showing off all that they do. 

I don’t want to delve much deeper into the story as there are some twists in the plot that I don’t want to spoil. It feels much like the previous films in that it’s gadget filled, spy action adventure. I know Charlie’s Angels didn’t get a lot of love at the box office when it released last year, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. 

The characters are almost instantly engaging, bringing their quirks to bear quickly in a way that’s endearing. The chemistry between them all is pretty solid, making for great banter that adds a lot of humor and keeps the story rolling at a super quick pace. The action is impressive with a great blend of up close combat and larger scale sequences with plenty of wow factor. 

While it doesn’t quite reach the same level of tension as other movies in the same genre, there’s an undeniable fun factor at play that keeps you smiling and watching. I had a blast and when the credits rolled I couldn’t stop thinking about what could come next. I’d be very much interested in seeing another film with this cast of characters, and I think there are a lot of people who will find a lot to enjoy thanks to its home entertainment release. 

Sight and Sound

The Charlie’s Angels blu-ray transfer is pretty solid, though I wouldn’t say mind-blowing. The image is sharp and crisp, with deep blacks that prevent crushing. As such, everything pops on the screen and the action sequences are easy to follow. There’s no over the top color pallette that makes full use of the display power, but there’s definitely no problems to worry about. 

The same can be said for the surround sound. The dialog track is given great priority and isn’t overshadowed by any of the action. All in all, there’s no technical issues to be found on the blu-ray. 

The Bonus Features

Charlie’s Angels on Blu-ray comes with a DVD copy of the film, a digital movie insert, and these bonus features on the disc: 

Gag Reel – Check out these fun and never-seen-before bloopers saved from the cutting room floor!

5 Deleted Scenes

4 Behind-the-scenes Featurettes

“Stronger Together: The Sisterhood of the Angels” – Watch how the Angels trio of Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott & Ella Balinska prepared for their iconic roles and formed a genuine sisterhood on set.

“Elizabeth Banks: As BOSSley” – We’ll take a look at why the Charlie’s Angels Director, Actress, Writer and Producer Elizabeth Banks is the perfect person to reintroduce audiences to this beloved, fun and action-packed franchise.

“Warriors on Set: Angels in Action” – The cast & crew take a look at some of the biggest action scenes from the film, including a peek behind-the-scenes of the stunt rehearsals with the cast.

“Tailored for Danger: Styling the Angels” – Learn all about the glamourous costumes, hair and make-up used to create the glitzy world of Charlie’s Angels!

“Don’t Call Me Angel” Music Video featuring Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey

The bonus features are largely standard special features. There’s some decent looks at how the film came together, the action sequences, and some funny gag moments. Altogether it adds some bang for your buck in terms of purchase, but nothing here really stands out either. 

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I had a whole lot of fun with Charlie’s Angels. Much more than I expected, and perhaps that’s a big part of it. It’s a solid action flick, well choreographed and featuring characters that are easy to care about. The story is only surface deep, however, which holds it back from the higher levels it could attain. Even so, I feel it’s worth checking out at least once. Maybe give it a rental before you decide to buy it outright. 
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