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At the end of last month, DC's Stargirl: The Complete First Season, arrived on Blu-Ray, bringing the adventures of the titular Stargirl to audiences at home. I've given the first season a once-over and I'm here to talk about if it's worth picking up and adding to your collection.

DC's Stargirl is, or rather was, formerly set in a parallel universe apart from the CWverse (formerly the Arrowverse), though I believe in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths it is also now in the same world as the rest of the CW's superhero shows. Unlike the other DC shows that have been released as of late, Stargirl only features thirteen episodes, making it considerably shorter than other seasons of superhero shows (even with seasons being shortened due to the pandemic). So it's important to know going in that Stargirl's first adventures are considerably shorter than what you might be used to (however fortunately the show has been renewed for a second season which should have far more episodes).

I think the biggest reason to pick up Stargirl and add it to your collection is because it sheds light on a period of superhero history that I don't think gets covered particularly often. While most superhero shows featuring the DC superheroes inevitably come to the Justice League of America, Stargirl covers the Justice Society of America, the superhero organization that (in comics) precedes the Justice League. This group of superheroes hasn't, to my knowledge, been covered all that much and I'm delighted that Stargirl is giving attention to the Justice Society of America and the heroes that comprised it. Not only that, but the show covers the Injustice Society of America (the JSA's arch-nemeses) delightfully well, bringing in a host of villains that could surely hold their own against any villain that's ever gone up against the Justice League. It's also refreshing to see different villains being featured other than the usual round of Justice League villains that seem to get trotted out every few years.

Unfortunately, that's the biggest draw of picking up Stargirl's first season. For whatever reason, I don't know if it's the fault of the pandemic or not, there are no special features at all for this season. There aren't even any deleted scenes, which surprised me, because it's one of the most common features you'll find in any home release for a TV series. I'm quite disappointed at the show's lack of anything extra, but since the show was originally made for DC Universe, perhaps special features weren't planned for and the second season DVD/Blu-Ray will make up for this.

In the end I would have to recommend picking up DC's Stargirl: The Complete First Season. It covers, as I said, a portion of superhero history that you don't see all that often and it's very refreshing to see something new with superheroes for a change.

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DC's Stargirl is Light on Extras But Makes Up For It With the Story
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While Stargirl's first season completely disappoints with no special features whatsoever, it makes up for it with a great story that introduces the world to Stargirl and the Justice Society of America. You get to meet all-new superheroes (and villains), and by the end you're left wanting more (which will happily be provided with season 2).
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