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There once was a time when Gerard Butler and Disaster Movie would be enough reason for me to enjoy a film, but Geostorm makes for a tough sell.  Check out my review of this week’s new blu-ray release to see why.  

The Movie

Geostorm isn't the movie I thought it would be...While the marketing portrayed the film as a big time disaster flick (along the lines of 2012 and Day After Tomorrow), that's not really the case.  Rather, it's more a science fiction mystery, with the threat of giant disaster looming in the background.  

Gerard Butler plays Jake, who helped build "Dutch Boy," the global weather control station that essentially puts a net around the planet to help keep major disasters down as climate change makes things more and more difficult.  The massive project was funded by governments all over the world and the United States, who currently controls it, is poised to pass it on to the larger governing body in a short period of time.  

Jake was kicked off the project when he became too difficult to manage, but when Dutch Boy starts malfunctioning, he's called back to the space station to figure out what went wrong.  What he discovers (along with his brother back on Earth) is a conspiracy reaching the highest levels of government.  

This conspiracy is the real heart of the film and is the driving force behind the film's story.  The big weather events that was such a big part of the film's marketing only crop up in the last few minutes of the movie; serving mostly as a threat for what could happen.  


It's frustrating because the mystery element in the film is actually pretty decent.  I found myself second guessing just about every character in the film before the reveal ultimately happens.  Since it was marketed entirely different, however, I kept waiting for things to happen that didn't.  

Couple that issue with some weak character moments.  The whole subplot about Max and Sarah's (Jim Sturgess and Abbie Cornish) relationship doesn't have a lot of strength behind it.  Any conflict within their story is resolved almost as soon as it comes up and their entire performance comes off flat because of it.  The actors are good, but the script gives them nothing to work with. Moreso, the themes within the film are so heavy-handed you'll feel like rolling your eyes more than paying attention.   

As it stands, the first couple acts are tough to get through.  When things finally start happening, however, the final act of the film feels like an entirely different film.  The movie wants to present a mystery film with disaster movie flair.  Sadly, it doesn't focus enough attention on either of those elements to make the film work.  It has enjoyable moments, but feels like more of a rental (or wait for Netflix) than anything else.  

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Sight and Sound

In terms of the technical aspects on the blu-ray, there's not much to take issue with.  The transfer is solid, with a crisp image and deep blacks that don't crush.  The surround sound highlights the soundtrack, putting big emphasis on the action pieces, while not overriding the dialog.  

From a technical standpoint, Warner Bros. once again has produced an excellent blu-ray.  It's just too bad that the film itself isn't enjoyable enough to justify it.  


Special Features

The Geostorm blu-ray comes loaded with these bonus features on the disc: 

·         “Wreaking Havoc: Cutting edge visual effects, research and technology create the world of Geostorm.

·         Search for Answers: Inspired by his daughter’s question of why can’t global warming be stopped, Director Dean Devlin retraces the creative journey that led to Geostorm.

·         An International Event: A global cast opens up about the secrets behind Geostorm.

It's a pretty light offering of bonus content.  The behind the scenes featurette on the special effects was good to dive into (when the action happens it is pretty fun), but the remaining two features add so little it's tough to feel like you're getting much of anything out of them.  

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I wanted to love Geostorm, I really did. I'm a sucker for these kind of movies, and more forgiving of them than most any other films. Sadly, it's not the film it wants to be and can't quite succeed in telling the story in an engaging way. It has fun moments, but they're overshadowed by the negative elements. Coupled with the incredibly light offerings of bonus content, and this blu-ray can't be anything other than a rental.
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