Little House on the Prairie: Season One & the Pilot Movie

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Little House on the Prairie: Season One & the Pilot Movie

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March 25,
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Little House on the Prairie has become an entertainment staple in my house. My wife began feverishly DVRing the show and trying to catch all the episodes in some semblance of order since running across it on GMC a couple of years back. Along the way, she sucked my sons into the family-oriented drama as well. She loves it so much I actually made a friend of mine drive 40 miles out of the way on a road trip so I could visit and take pictures of the Ingalls' homestead in Kansas for her. You can only imagine her excitement when it was announced they were releasing Little House on the Prairie: Season One & the Pilot Movie in a remastered deluxe edition Blu-ray that includes unedited versions of each episode and the pilot movie.

Little House on the Prairie tells the story of Charles Ingalls and his family as they move to Kansas and then Minnesota to start a new life. They settle down in Minnesota and face many hardships as they build a home for themselves outside of the town of Walnut Grove. As they settle into the challenges of everyday life, they make friends and learn to deal with a colorful group of people who run and live in the the little community.

Longtime fans of Little House on the Prairie will be ecstatic over the release of the show in high-definition. Wonderfully restored with the clarity only Blu-ray can deliver, many might feel like they're viewing the episodes in a whole new light. The colors are better and the picture is cleaner than it's ever been in network airings.

Presented with a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 mono mix, Little House on the Prairie: Season One might not envelope the audience the way 5.0 surround sound does. However, it gets the point across and still heightens the experience beyond what you get watching it in cable or satellite syndication. You can't deny that it's the best the series has ever sounded.

Most Little House on the Prairie enthusiasts will be disappointed in the lack of bonus material offered on the Season One Blu-ray release. The first portion of a six-part look at the series is included. It runs a little over 14 minutes and is entitled "The Little House Phenomenon Part 1: A Place in Television History." An original screen test featuring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert is also featured. I can't believe they couldn't come up with some archival or new interviews with the cast and crew of the show to incorporate.

If you're looking for good clean family-friendly entertainment, Little House on the Prairie: Season One & the Pilot Movie is most definitely the answer to your prayers. It's a show that teaches the importance of family and the strength it provides to weather through the storms life throws at you. Any fan of classic television should clean off a spot in their home library for this new edition of the hit series.

Little House on the Prairie: Season One & the Pilot Movie is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.