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Mad Max: Fury Road (Blu-Ray)

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Arguably the best film of the Summer (if not 2015 so far), Mad Max: Fury Road, is coming to blu-ray to give fans and new audiences the chance to experience the excitement in the comfort of their own home.  I got the chance to check out the blu-ray ahead of it's release so I can give you even more reasons to buy it.  Come check out my full review!

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The Film is Still Amazing

Aside from the gorgeous visuals, I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters.  I grew up on the franchise and had been very much looking forward to seeing it, but I wasn't prepared for how amazing it truly turned out to be.  Without hyperbole, it's one of the only films I've seen this Summer, or in the last few months, that I find myself continuing to think about and look back on.  

It's a movie that sticks with you, despite ostensibly being a "mindless" action movie, and presents some powerful themes and ideas that keep you thinking.  My eagerness to see the movie again and again didn't fade as the months of Summer continued, so I practically jumped up and down with joy when Warner Bros. sent this to me in the mail.

After watching it again, I'm happy to say that my initial feelings on the film haven't changed a bit.  It's still an amazingly well put together film, that satisfies in a multitude of ways.  The action remains impressive, and the themes are still solid and thought provoking.  There were several things I noticed on this viewing which only added to the overall story  and mythology in general.  It was smaller things, like phrases and symbols (which you likely wouldn't catch the first or second time around), but they deepened the connections between the characters and story of the film in significant ways.  That said, I'd argue this is one of those rare films that only gets better every time you see it. 

Mad Max: Fury Road remains and impressive example of filmmaking and the power it has.  Seriously, I want you to try and think of any other film whose opening set piece is a car chase/battle through a giant TORNADO, which doesn't fall flat in the third act.  In any other movie, it would have easily sufficed for the finale, yet Fury Road manages to pull it off early on, while still bringing the thrills and excitement later on.  

Besides that, it manages to tell an engaging story with characters you find yourself caring about, in one of the most minimalistic ways possible.  There's not a lot of dialog in the film, and the story is told mostly through the actions of the characters.  It's a concept many filmmakers strive to achieve, but only a handful pull off.  Even when they do, they're not nearly as fun as Fury Road turns out to be.  

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From the Big Screen to the Small

Big action movies like that tend to always look awesome on the big screen, giving audiences those Ooh and Ahh moments.  The problem, however, with some of those movies, is that they don’t always translate that action very well to the smaller screens at home.  Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Fury Road, and each action piece is just as thrilling on your television, and presented beautifully. 

Though I'd seen it before on the big screen, the action still kept me on the edge of my seat and my heart racing.  While all good action movies can keep you engaged on multiple viewings, it's takes a special film to be able to keep the intensity level THIS high after the first time around.  In this regard, Fury Road doesn't disappoint and continues to set a new standard for action films.  

A big reason why it holds up in the transfer, is because the blu-ray is simply gorgeous.  Despite being set in an apocalyptic wasteland, Mad Max: Fury Road features a wide range of colors and visual nuances.  All of which pop out wonderfully on  the TV at home, making full use of the color pallette and offering up some deep blacks without any noticeable crushing going on.  

One of the things I remarked on most during my initial review of the film, is how stunningly gorgeous the film is.  You can literally pause the movie on just about any frame and be amazed at the detail that went into it.  Every frame is it’s own piece of art, and none of that beauty has been lost in the translation to the smaller screen.    

The sound layout on the transfer is no slouch either, and offers up an amazing surround sound experience that makes you FEEL all of the explosions and action going on around you.  While there isn’t a LOT of dialog in the film, it is important to hear it when it happens.  Thankfully the sound mix is fairly balanced, and I was able to hear everything clearly without the dialog being too low compared with the rest of the action.  

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Bonus Features

Mad Max: Fury Road comes with a handful of special features for you to gobble up on the disc as well, including: 

- Maximum Fury: Filming Fury Road

- Mad Max: Fury on Four Wheels

- The Road Warriors: Max and Furiosa

- The Tools of the Wasteland

- The Five Wives: So Shiny, So Chrome

- Fury Road: Crash & Smash

- Deleted Scenes

All of these features go towards the effort of showing off how they made the film, and delving deeper into the lore about the characters and setting.  If you’re a fan of the film (which, let’s be honest, everyone should be), then these are the type of bonuses you were hoping for.  

Personally speaking, there were plenty of times throughout Fury Road, that the filmmaker in me was dying to know more about how they pulled it all off.  So the making of featurette dives into that nicely, giving you more insight to the practical effects/stunts and how it came together.  While it’s not as deep as I was hoping for, it was still incredibly interesting. 

The rest are nice looks into the characters and how much deeper they are than what we see on the big screen.  The film doesn’t take much time to talk about their backstories or how things got where they are, so these little glimpses into the bigger Mad Max lore are interesting and helped me get even MORE into the film.  

In all, these are some of the more interesting bonus features I’ve watched in a while, but they aren’t meaty enough to make you come back to them after the first viewing.  They’re certainly interesting and worth a watch, but they needed just a little more oomph to them.  

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The reality of the Mad Max: Fury Road blu-ray, is that it is still an amazing film and it looks absolutely gorgeous on the smaller screen. If you missed the movie in theaters, there’s no reason to pass it up on blu-ray now. It’s an incredible action film, with a powerful message behind it, that remains thrilling regardless of how many times you watch it.
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