<![CDATA[Missing Link (Blu-Ray) - Cinelinx Movie & Game Reviews]]> https://www.cinelinx.com/ <![CDATA[Missing Link (Blu-Ray): Laika’s Missing Link is Missing Something]]> https://www.cinelinx.com/reviews/home-entertainment/missing-link-blu-ray/discussions/1924/ https://www.cinelinx.com/reviews/home-entertainment/missing-link-blu-ray/discussions/1924/ Missing Link features some stellar animation and great voice-work, but it lacks oomph in the story department. While it’s enjoyable to watch it doesn’t offer much reason to come back to it. The blu-ray itself is decent and has some solid bonus features, but overall, it might be better to rent this one. ]]> Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:56:17 +0000