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In 1968 Hanna Barbera debuts a new TV show, The Banana Splits Club. Its stars are Fleegle, a beagle; Bingo, an orange-furred ape; Drooper, a lion; and Snorky, an elephant. The hour-long musical/comedy variety show ran for 2 seasons and as you would guess was geared towards children. 49 years later, writers, Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas decided to spice things up and make them murderers

This Blu-ray honestly got me by surprise. When I got it in the mail I put it on my desk and it sat there for a week. I knew of the Banana Splits but I never saw any episodes mainly due to the fact that when it aired I wasn't even born yet. As I got older I saw the characters on video shorts during other kids shows but I really never paid them much attention. So here I am thinking that this “horror” movie was gonna be the Banana Splits Gang caught up in some Scooby-Doo type of mystery where they try and make it sorta scary but not so much to frighten little kids. So after it sitting there for a week I picked up the Blu-ray and flipped it over, That’s when I saw an R rating on the back. I instantly knew this was not going to be a funny jump-scare film, this was going to be brutal murders by guys in funny suits. I couldn’t get the case open fast enough to start watching it.

So what’s it about? We start off with Harley (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) whos a Banana Splits fan who gets tickets to a taping of one of their shows as a birthday present. Joining young Harley on his special day is his mother, Beth (Dani Kind), his A-hole father (Steve Lund), his brother Austin (Romeo Carere) and Zoe (Maria Nash), a friend from school. Little do they know that Andy, the new VP of programming, picks that day to let staff know this will be the last Banana Splits show. He says this in front of Drooper while he's getting an update. Yeah, you heard that right, the Banana Split Gang are animatronic puppets and require periodic software updates. The latest update reinforces an old show business phrase - “The show must go on.”

Before you know it the body count begins. The Banana Splits show turns into Five Nights at Freddy’s as they stalk and kill pretty much anyone that crosses their path. Now when I say kill, these things are pulling off some pretty violent and gory murders. The movie is billed as a Comedy-horror but I found absolutely nothing funny about it at all. The original Child’s Play movies are way funnier at times than this movie. 

As I mentioned earlier this movie is pretty much a template for a Five Nights at Freddy’s horror film. Is it any good? Yeah sure, at least I enjoyed it, but I must admit I do enjoy “bad” horror films. This is a low budget horror flick, and it shows. The acting is not top-notch, but what direct to home video movie is. My concern for this was how gory is it and they did a pretty good job at that. The body count is pretty damn high, but there are quite a few murders that they do not show. Those are the bodies people find as they are running away from Drooper or Fleegle (the two who cause the most carnage) and they happen to trip over a bloody torso.

The Banana Splits Movie will be available on DVD and Blu-ray 8/27/2019 and is available now for digital download.

Special features include:

  • Banana Splits: Behind the Horror (DVD, Blu-ray, & Digital)
  • Terror on Set (Blu-ray, & Digital)
  • Breaking News! The Banana Splits Massacre (Blu-ray, & Digital)

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1 Night at The Clubhouse
(Updated: August 21, 2019)
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Not the greatest movie I've seen, but it's the change they made with the characters that really pulled me in. After the first murder where they shove a giant lollipop into someone's throat, I was all in. I have very little familiarity with the original content, but you don't really need to know much about them at all to enjoy this film. The cost is a little high for the combo set, but if you wait a while you'll be able to see the movie when its shown on the Syfy channel (plus you might get lucky and find it on RedBox).
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