The Flash: The Complete First Season on Blu Ray

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The Flash: The Complete First Season on Blu Ray

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When Barry Allen wakes up 9 months after be struck by lightning, he discovers that the bolt of electricity gave him a super power. The Power of speed. Upon learning that he is the fastest man on earth, he joins up with his mentor Dr. Harrison Wells and his team of scientist to stop crime in his beloved Central City. However as time goes by he learns dark secrets about those around him and doesn’t know who to trust. Can Barry be the hero the city needs? Find out in the Season one Blu Ray of The Flash!

When the CW announced they were going to spin off Arrow with The Flash, I was a pretty hesitant. It didn’t seem to make much sense. While I was a fan of the original Flash series as a child, I didn’t see how they could place it in the world they have built with Arrow, and it not feel out of place, or cheesy.  Boy was I wrong. CWs Flash has done everything right since the get go. With his debut in Arrow, to his entire first season, they have been on top of the game. I will freely admit I was not looking forward to Arrow when it began. The first few episodes I was very questionable. But within the first half of the season, I was all in. Flash? Day 1, Episode one, I was hooked.

With an overarching story of betrayal and who can you trust, The Flash has an incredibly storyline. Not having to rely on monster-of-the-week episodes, they are able to have a villain yet still connect everything as the season progresses. It has ups and downs and keeps you hooked and wanting more. Slightly unpredictable you never quite know where to it will take you next on its speedy journey.

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The cast is perfectly chosen. Down to the cameos from the original 90s Flash television show.  Grant Gustin was born for the role. He has a great sense of humor, and a quick wit, pun intended, that The Flash needs to have. He is also has a lovable boy next door feel that makes you root for this guy.  Candice Patton as Barry’s love interest is adorable. She is very talented and you want to see these two together, yet feel the best friends’ almost family vibe for them.  Break out star of the series however has to go to Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon. The character, the portrayal, everything. This guy is amazing. His character is quirky and responsible for the majority of the comedic relief, and he plays the part spot on.

A few things could have gone a little bit better however.  They set in motion a storyline involving one of the Flash’s major villains from the comics, Gorilla Grodd. And the buildup is phenomenal. The final showdown and the final reveal are kind of a letdown. Perhaps because they were still just teasing us for another Grodd return? But after their showdown a little passed the halfway point of the season, Grodd is never seen or mentioned again. It was just kind of anti-climactic.


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And as I said, while The Flash doesn’t rely on monster-of-the-week format, with 22 episodes there will inevitably be a few. Sometimes these episodes fall a little flat. However I think they do so because the rest of the season is so stellar. When right out of the gate you expect the absolute best, there is always the risk that they might come up a little short once or twice. But it is never to the point that you ever turn your back on the show.

With over 3 hours of bonus features, that alone are reason enough for you to buy this set, The Flash is nearly a must have on Blu Ray. A matter of fact, the Gag Reel alone is enough for you to treasure owning this. The ever popular deleted scenes add more to the episodes and give you an even broader sense of the story they are pulling off. As well there is a director’s commentary for the pilot episode. Also get a look at the screen test for Grant Gustin, showing off the amazing chemistry between him and Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards. With these you are also given many featurettes that include:

-Behind the Story: The Trickster Returns

-The Fastest Man Alive!

Creating the Blur – the VFX of The Flash

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Another extra we are privileged to is presenting not only The Flash, but CWs  Arrow, as well as the now cancelled/possibly Arrow Resurrected Constantine, and Fox’s Gotham. DC Comics Night at Comic Con is the entire Hall H panel from San Diego Comic Con 2014. See the stars of these shows express their excitement for their shows, and a look at what was set to come.

Behind the Story: The Trickster Returns is by far my favorite. Getting to hear the stories from Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, talk about the old days with Wesley Allen Shipp who played The Flash in the original 90s run, is a hoot. The behind the scenes of one the best episodes of the season is a lot of fun to see.

The visuals and audio are amazingly on par as well. Presented in 1080p high definition, with Dolby digital sound, the picture and sound tracks are beautifully crisp. The stunning shots of Central city, the bright tones, and the blur that is The Flash are so perfectly framed that you wouldn’t believe this was a network television show.  All the effects are top notch and make you feel like you are watching the comics come to life. Never in my life did I ever think I would get a quality superhero show this amazing. They have truly outdone their selves.

The Flash Super Speed

Honestly, this is a first day buy. With a compelling storyline, that only has a few minor let downs, and an incredible cast, The Flash is a must have. Not just for comic book lovers, but for fans of good television. The Show is just too well written and too well produced to not love. Own The Flash: The Complete First  Season on Blu-Ray, DVD, & Digital HD on September 22, 2015.

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The Flash is a Must Have on Blu Ray
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In an age where hard copy media is falling short, The Flash: The Complete First Season strives to be the Blu Ray you need. As a Collector, this is one I believe everyone needs. From a great story, to a great cast, choked full with extras you can have fun watching over and over. 979 minute run time, plus over 3 hours of bonus features! The CGI is seamless, the audio quality is amazing. Simply put, A must have.
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