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The quietest film you will ever see
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(Deep Announcer Voice) In a world, decimated by uncloaked non-flying Dementors. A Family struggles to stay alive.

A Quiet Place puts you in a world where the entire planet (almost) has been wiped out by these fast-moving creatures that hunt people for ... well, I don’t know. Maybe food, maybe for sport, I seriously don't know since we never really see what the creature does with a kill. Anyway, we have 3 of these 'Last of Us Clickers' hunting in a certain area, I refuse to believe these 3 things wiped out the planet and decided to settle in the hills of Kentucky (or where ever this takes place) for a change of pace. On top of trying to survive being mauled by monsters that can hear a pin drop from 10 miles away our family is also preparing to welcome a new member of the family, yup that's right folks not only are they being hunted by said monsters with super-hearing, they are also going to give birth to the monster’s dinner alarm!

If you go to movies expecting explanations like, why this is happening? Where did these things come from? How could the military not stop them? then stay home because none of these things will be answered and you'll just walk out pissed. the one thing the movie does well is jump scares. When you're watching a movie that most of the dialogue is sign language and the only thing you hear is ambient sound when they throw something out at you, you will jump. One scene that almost made me jump outta my skin didn't even have one of the monsters in it. They do an excellent job of building suspense in the film, and I gotta give them props for that. Other than that, it’s a pretty average movie with some decent scares in it.
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