<![CDATA[Captain Marvel - Cinelinx Movie & Game Reviews]]> https://www.cinelinx.com/ <![CDATA[Captain Marvel: A fun but generic addition to the franchise.]]> https://www.cinelinx.com/reviews/movies/captain-marvel/discussions/1880/ https://www.cinelinx.com/reviews/movies/captain-marvel/discussions/1880/ What's Good: Marvel finally gets a female-led film, Brie Larson is a good fit for her role, Samuel L. Jackson is never boring, fun swashbuckling plot, some funny moments, a few good twists, bright and optimistic tone. What's Bad: Not as creative, interesting, exciting, funny, or important as other recent MCU films it will be judged against, filmmaker's lack of experience in creating big-budget films results in more than a few borrowed ideas, mixed bag special effects. ]]> Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:20:22 +0000