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Cars 3


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Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.
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Cars 3 is another chance to make this franchise good after a lackluster part 2 but ultimately is just okay.

Oh Cars, I’ve never been fond of you. Honestly this series combines my hate of two things, movies in the way of Incredibles 2, and Owen Wilson. It’s just another story of the old vs. the new. As we see Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) entering the twilight of his career he doubts his place as new, faster, and better racers start driving out the old racers. After an accident almost ends his career Lighting wants to come back but questions arise can he still hang with the new racers or should he just retire. Now the movie did take a dark turn at this point be it ever so brief because instead of a true build yourself back up story we get a jump that puts him right back to where he was  before the accident. Returning to the world of racing Lighting finds his sponsor is now Sterling (Nathan Fillion) who wants to ensure Lightning’s legacy lives on but not the way McQueen does. 


As he begins journey for what could be his final race he starts to train with Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) to be better than he ever was and save his career. This part once again feels very short. In retrospect it seems like he trained for just a weekend. The movie starts to get predictable at this point. The laughs I’m getting are not from the main characters it’s coming from the supporting ones. And they are far and few between. This movie felt like an end but just an adequate end. Also Pixar is known for great music in their films and this one misses that part as well. The sad thing about Cars 3 is that at the point you realize where the film is going you’re just waiting for the end. It’s just predictable and I think it takes away a lot from the third act.


Not saying the kids won’t like it but Pixar you’ve done me right over the years. This just felt like you wanted this thing to end but didn’t put any heart into it. The short Lou that played before the movie was better than the entirety of Cars 3. If this was the end, fine let it end. As someone that wasn’t a huge fan of this series I don’t the same feels that I had for Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Incredibles. But that doesn’t me I can excuse what felt like an easy way out.   


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Take your kids to see it but understand you're not going to like this one as much as you have other Pixar films.
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