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Devil's Due


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Over the weekend, this horror movie weenie managed to catch the latest found-footage scary movie Devil’s Due.  The previews have painted a chilling look at a woman’s pregnancy gone horribly wrong, but is it really worth your money at the box office?  Come check out my review and see.  

Everyone knows how much of a weenie I am when it comes to scary movies.  I just don’t like being scared!  However, since I’m dating someone who absolutely loves all things horror related, I’m suddenly finding myself in the movie theater for films I’d never to go before.  The latest happens to be this past weekend’s Devil’s Due.  It’s a found footage style film (Paranormal Activity, Chronicle, etc.) and it offers up some decent jump scares, but fails to go anywhere close to as deep as you want.  


Interesting Idea, No Follow Through

The idea they present in this film is kind of interesting.  Through some crazy activities on the newlywed couple’s honeymoon, the wife is suddenly impregnated with the spawn of Satan.  The ritual that takes place to make that happen opens the door to many questions, but sadly none of them are really answered.  

On the whole, that’s how I feel this film went.  It presents some interesting ideas (even if they aren’t exactly new, it’s a new take on it) but never goes anywhere with them.  Instead, the film presents a series of scenes slapped together the result of which is nothing more than a ‘slice of life’ look at these people.  There’s no real story here, nothing gets resolved, and the audience is left wondering what happens next; and not in the good way.  

Devils Due

There are a multitude of plot lines left loose and dangling and it’s pretty obvious it’s done that way to lead into a sequel.  The problem with that, however, is that the film feels largely incomplete and doesn’t work on its own.  Instead of being eager to know what happens next, I’m frustrated that nothing was wrapped up like it should have been and worried that any sequel would do the exact same thing.  

What it basically boils down to is there’s a secret society out there set on destroying the church, and in doing so they’re creating their own anti-Christs.  Even that much information you pretty much had to put together yourself, as you only get the barest amount of info from the priest in the film.  Other than that, nothing else is explained, and left the audience wondering what would happen to the husband (avoiding spoilers here) in the end.  His plot line was totally left open, which sucks because after spending the whole film from his POV, it’d be nice to know what happens to him.  

As much as I love the found footage style of filmmaking, it doesn’t work for every movie, and the more I’ve thought about the, the more I’ve come to realize that this is what caused so many of Devil’s Due’s problems.  It didn’t allow them the opportunity to explore the secret society and their overall plans (which in truth was the most interesting aspect of the film), or develop things as far as they should have.  A more traditional filmmaking style would have greatly benefitted the overall story of the film.  Sadly what we get is a disjointed amount of footage that has elements of a story, but never pulls it together. 


The Fear Factor

So is it scary?  I mean, truthfully most people are going into the film in the hopes of getting terrified (it’s not something I look for, but whatever), and for a weenie like me, it offered up quite a few good scares.  The film relied mostly on jump scare tactics and nothing else, so if those don’t hold any appeal for you, then you won’t find much to enjoy with Devil’s Due

Jump scares are plenty for me, and the film offered them up, but not nearly as much as you’d expect.  For the most part they were in the latter half of the film and predictable enough to close your eyes in time.  As for my horror loving girlfriend, she walked out of the theater wondering what all the commotion was about.  

While the trailers did a decent job of selling the film and the scares within, unless you’re a scaredy-cat like I am, you probably won’t find much terrifying about the movie.  The atmosphere just wasn’t there and because the story was so lacking, it was tough to get any real tension out of the scenes.  Without that, even the jump scares weren’t as effective as they could have been.  

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Unless You’re Dying to See a Scary Movie in Theaters, Skip It
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While Devil’s Due presented some very interesting ideas in terms of a story, it failed to deliver on any of it. It left too many plot threads dangling for a simple sequel set-up, and instead feels incomplete and lacking. It has some decent jump scares sprinkled throughout, but it’s lack of story and tension robbed the film of any real fear factor.

This time of year doesn’t offer much in the way of horror films, so if you’re dying to catch one on the big screen, this is one of your only options, and is entertaining enough. If that’s not the case, however, I say skip it.
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