Get Duked

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A camping trip in the Scottish Highlands turns into a fight for survival when four teens become the target of vicious hunters.
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August 28t
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Get Duked (Original title - Boyz in the Wood) is the story of a group of delinquent friends who after an incident at school must enter the Duke of Edinburgh Award. A program designed to take kids away from the bad elements of the city for a 4-day camping trip where they learn Teamwork, Foraging, and Orienteering. Our three friends consist of Dean Gibson (Rian Gordon)The cool guy of the group who ended up on the trip because of a small case of Arson. Duncan McDonald () the friend who tried to light his poop on fire … resulting in the school bathroom burning down. DJ Beatroot (Viraj Juneja) Future hip-hop star, in his own mind, who made a music video in front of the burning bathroom starring his best friends, Dean and Duncan. The last of the group is Ian Harris (Samuel Bottomley) A loner who actually volunteered for the Duke of Edinburgh Award because it would look good for University.

There is one slight issue with the Edinburgh award, they get hunted by a Duke (Eddie Izzard) and Duchess (Georgie Glenn) who inform them that it’s their job to “... Cull the weakest animals for the good of the herd.” in other words, the Award program is used to kill any young people who would challenge the rich, leaving behind only those who can be easily controlled and/or manipulated.

Writer and director Ninian Doff’s usual work is with commercials and music videos working with numerous groups such as Migos, & The Chemical Brothers. For his first film, I have to say its a damn good debut. The way he uses music flows seamlessly into what’s going on onscreen and there are at least 3 sequences that show off Doff’s music video side and they’re all catchy and funny. 

The story itself has a lot of laughs here and there, but it really isn’t too heavy on the horror side. In movies lately, when I see the horror tag, I really don’t expect anything very scary at all. The slasher flicks of the 80’s were horror films, this stuff now is more suspense or in a thriller category. However, you see it, there’s more than enough suspense in this to satisfy most peoples. The final scene where they have to confront The Duke and Duchess literally had me screaming laughing at its conclusion.

There’s an entire subplot involving the police which reminds me of the police from Hot Fuzz except Simon Peggs character isn’t there to point them in the right direction. The cops spend the whole move doggedly tracking down red herrings. Get Duked should definitely be on your watch list when it hits Amazon Aug 28th.

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a movie with Eddie Izzard ... Yes please.
(Updated: August 28, 2020)
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When I first saw the preview for the movie I have to say I really wasn't into it. it looked ok it just didn't have something to really grab my interest, that said "you need to watch this". Thank god I realized one of the actors was Eddie Izzard, that's was the small push I needed to check this out. I've watched it 4 times already, so it's pretty safe to say I love this movie. I said it before and I'll say it again make sure this movie makes it onto your to watch list this weekend.
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